Valorant’s upcoming Agent for Episode 4 Act 3 is reportedly called Fade, set to be Initiator

Details about Valorant's newest Agent are slowly coming out (Image via KangaVal/YouTube)
Details about Valorant's newest Agent are slowly coming out (Image via KangaVal/YouTube)

Valorant is ready to introduce its 19th Agent with the introduction of Episode 4 Act 3.

The game was first launched in June 2020 and has since become one of the most popular FPS titles among gamers. The unique combination of Agents’ abilities and 5v5 tactical shooting has attracted lots of players to the game.

The developers are always ready to bring in new changes to keep the game fresh and entertaining for players. Every two weeks, they develop a new update to add tweaks.

Users get a new map and a new agent in every new episode. Starting with just 11 Agents, Valorant now has 18 Agents, thanks to Riot Games’ restless work.

The publishers are now ready to introduce another Agent to the title with the upcoming Episode 4 Act 3 later this month. The new addition is reportedly an Initiator called Fade.

Everything to know about Valorant’s upcoming Initiator Agent, Fade

Riot usually introduces a new Agent or map to mark the commencement of every Act. However, they decided to skip that with the introduction of Episode 4 Act 2 in February.

Filipino Agent Neon was introduced with the arrival of Episode 4 Act 1, and that was the last time players received a new Agent at the start of an Act.

However, the developers are ready to add another Agent to Valorant’s Initiator roster alongside Sova, Breach, Skye, and KAY/O, reportedly going by the name Fade.

The new Initiator is expected to be a female Agent from Turkey. Though Riot is yet to confirm the name and her abilities, several data miners leaked some information by digging through the game files.


A few weeks back, Riot hinted about the new Agent by revealing some information. They released a video where Viper requested Brimstone for another Agent in their troop who could help by gathering information like Sova and Cypher.


Finally, it’s time to have the new Agent, expected to arrive around April 28 with the new Act. Gamers can expect more information about the new Agent in the next couple of days.

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