NRG coach Chet prepares wishlist for necessary changes in Valorant

NRG's coach has prepared a wishlist for changes needed in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Satyaki Das
Modified 15 Feb 2021

NRG Chet has opened up on his Twitter account to speak about the changes Valorant needs to be a successful esport.

Valorant is one of the newest esports in the world, and its popularity is rising rapidly. Hundreds of organizations and teams have invested time and effort into the game in these initial months.

However, fans cannot expect a game to be flawless without feedback from the community. The community and fans help the game structure on its way to the top. Riot Games prioritizes these demands and wishes as the game is made for the players and the community.

Chet, American esports organization NRG's coach, feels certain vital things are missing in the game. These factors might help balance out the game.

The issue with Bucky, Frenzy, and Stinger in Valorant

The guns mentioned above are usually chosen during eco, or half buy rounds. However, they prove to be way more effective than they should be.

But the most common thing these weapons have is the ability to run and gun. The high accuracy of these guns turns the game upside down during the eco rounds.

100T Nitr0 also spoke about the same in a recent tweet.

While Valorant may have worked on the run and gun issue for the rifles, they surely need to think again with the SMG's, shotguns, and auto pistols.

This run and gun ability also affects the wide swinging of a peeker. Unlike CS: GO, Valorant makes it way too easy for a player to swing wide from a corner and kill the angle holder while running.

Necessary changes for Valorant tournament matches

Valorant, being an esport, needs to have a slot for coaches. This slot is necessary for proper strategic play from the team.

While this feature is only needed for the professional circuit, the replay system is a must for all kinds of matches. This feature in Valorant, similar to a demo system in CS: GO, will help study matches and prepare more effective strategies.

The replay system will also help in identifying cheaters in official as well as competitive matches.

The toxicity issue in Valorant

Valorant has an excellent way to deal with toxicity in the servers. Players with high votes for such behavior get a voice ban or chat ban.

However, this suspension will not prevent players from playing competitive matches. They can still match up and play with random teammates. But a game without communication is no game at all. Voice banned players being able to match and play will only ruin the others' game.

Therefore, NRG Chet has proposed a suggestion not to let the voice banned players play until it gets revoked.

Riot has already addressed this issue and is planning to implement this idea in upcoming patch updates.

The balancing of the Operator

The Operator is the most potent weapon in the game. Players can easily shut down a site from any entry with an Operator. However, following several complaints about the gun being overpowered, it was eventually nerfed.

The price of the Operator was increased, making players think twice before going for such a buy. The scope-in speed was also reduced, making quick scope a lot harder than before.

However, NRG Chet feels that the price should be lowered a little to balance out the massive gun. This will hugely affect the overtime rounds where a player needs to decide between the Operator and the utilities.

Valorant, being an esport-centric game, needs to add the features mentioned above and changes. The developers have already applied lots of community desired changes to enhance the esport experience and will definitely continue to do the same.

Published 15 Feb 2021
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