Recent leaks hint towards Valorant Episode 2 Act 2 agent’s origin and his abilities

A possible tease of the upcoming agent 15 in Valorant (Image via Twitter)
A possible tease of the upcoming agent 15 in Valorant (Image via Twitter)
Suryadeepto Sengupta

There have been many recent leaks regarding the 15th Valorant agent, possibly pointing to his abilities and origin.

With every new Act, Valorant introduces a new agent to the roster. With the upcoming second Act of Episode 2: Formation, Riot Games is all set to present the 15th agent to the roster. Episode 2 Act 2 is the first time a new Controller type will be introduced in Valorant since launch.


With a new battle pass and possibly a new map, Act 2 is set to introduce a lot of new content. However, fans are most excited about the new agent 15, and speculations regarding his lore and abilities are running high.

With the recent patch 2.03, many notable data miners have uncovered several new pieces of information regarding this new agent.

The “Pain Aux Raisins” of Valorant

The new Valorant agent will join the roster with the upcoming Episode 2 Act 2. Previously, on a podcast by Riot, it was confirmed that the upcoming agent wouldn’t be a Duelist. This was revealed by John Gosicki, the character producer of Valorant. Not only that, but he also confirmed that the agent would be a Controller type, which the fans have been speculating for a while.

Recently, Riot has been focusing on the Controller-type agents to be more useful and have a higher pick rate. Both Omen and Brimstone have received buffs in recent patches, and Viper is expected to get one as well.

After the recent changes to Reyna in patch 2.03, fans are speculating that a Viper meta may be replacing the Reyna meta at the professional level.

Well-known leaker @Valorleaks recently posted an image of alleged Valorant agent 15. The folder is called Codenamed, which is certainly an uncommon choice for a codename.

The subfolder is named “PainAuxRaisins.” The phrase “Pain Aux Raisins” is French for raisin bread, which may seem arbitrary until it is compared with a previously discovered clue.

The announcement for the new Night Market included some hints towards the origin of agent 15. Along with African symbols, a clear mention of the country of Ghana was present. The interesting fact is that French is one of the widely spoken and taught languages in Ghana.

The country's ministry is even considering making French one of the national languages. It is very much possible for agent 15 to originate from here and have French vocabulary-based voice lines.

The possible abilities of the agent 15 in Valorant

This upcoming agent is already confirmed to be a Controller type. However, there are still questions regarding his powers and abilities. Recently, @ValorantExpress discovered some VFX sprite that could be linked to agent 15.

The smoke VFX could hint towards a smoke ability similar to Brimstone and Omen, while the pyramid-like VFX sprite could be a new kind of power not seen before.

Many fans are guessing that the new ability would be a flash ability, based on the recently discovered teases present in maps.

The game files also contained four new objects mentioned for each map, all sharing the phrase “Pain Aux Raisins.” It would be interesting to find out what the files are possibly hinting towards.

The speculations regarding the 15th agent in Valorant, due to debut with Episode 2 Act 2, can only be confirmed once he makes his entry.

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