Leaked Steam DMs between Wardell and Stewie2K hint that the Evil Geniuses CS: GO star might be moving to Valorant

A conversation between Wardell and Stewie2K sparks rumors (Image via Sportskeeda)
A conversation between Wardell and Stewie2K sparks rumors (Image via Sportskeeda)

One of the most well-known names in the competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fraternity might be considering a move to Valorant if leaked chats are to be believed. Earlier today, DMs between Stewie2K and Wardell were leaked, where the latter is seen advising the former on what he needs to do to succeed as a pro in Riot's strategy shooter title.

Ever since Valorant was released, a number of CS:GO pros have made the jump to the newer, more colorful game. Some of the major names include autimatic, nitr0, Wardell, ScreaM, and Hiko. Many went on to find major success with their Valorant teams, a prime example being Wardell, who won a number of tournaments with TSM.

Stewie2K may possibly make the switch to Valorant according to leaked DMs with Wardell

The screengrab of the Steam chat between the two talents was shared in a post on Reddit by u/guan_tan. Viewers can clearly see Wardell advising Stewie2K about either going streamer or going pro. For the latter option, Wardell clarifies that Stewie2K will need "a solid team."

The transcript of the chat is shown below:

wardell: you will lose ur mind. I think going streamer is good. I think if u were to try to go pro u would need a solid team. cause everyone is braindead. I don't even think u need skill in this game u just need to be able to think. I cant believe eg val took a map off of nrg.
stew: yeah thats the thing i feel like in val since it takes no skill its hard to have the consistency lmao.
wardell: thats not it. ppl don't play properly. thats why it looks inconsistent. I swear like optic is the only team that plays this game like cs. and probably xset. I don't think xset is that good imo.

Currently on the roster of Evil Geniuses, Stewie2K is one of the most decorated Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. He is also the first and, currently, only American player to have won both a Major and an Intel Grand Slam trophy. If he does make the switch to Valorant, it will be an exciting addition to the esports scene of Riot's popular FPS.

The transcript also stokes an age-old discussion regarding the difficulty level between CS: GO and Valorant. Not just fans but various pros have also weighed in with their opinion on how the rival games fare in terms of difficulty and which factors it depends on. Wardell's rather frank comments on the same have resulted in polarised reactions from fans.

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