Valorant leaks reveal potential Icebox map changes

Icebox was recently taken out of Valorant
Icebox was recently taken out of Valorant's map rotation (Image via Riot Games)

Icebox was recently taken out of the competitive map pool in Valorant to make space for a reworked version of Bind; it may return later this year. Whenever the map does return, it is expected to feature some changes. This is bolstered by Twitter user @s3rius2k1's post. As can be seen below, the "After" image features six areas that will see alterations.

The practice of rotating maps in and out of the playable pool was started when Pearl was released back in 2022 and Split was taken out. The idea behind this concept is to have a seven-map pool so as not to overwhelm new players with a plethora things to learn when they start playing Valorant.

Moreover, this gives developers time to heed player feedback and make changes accordingly. Both Split and Bind had certain fundamental problems that made the maps highly Defense-sided, and those issues are now gone after their return. Icebox might get the same treatment.

All changes allegedly coming to Icebox upon re-release in Valorant

@s3rius2k1 leaked minimap images of Icebox hint at some significant changes coming to one of Valorant's most disliked maps. The potential alterations that the post suggests are as follows:

1) Box to be added in the default planting position on B-Site and the plant area will also be bigger, being extended towards the south-side.

2) Window like structure that lets you shoot from Snowman into B-Orange will allegedly be connected by an actual passage.

3) The Tube in Mid will probably see either some sort of an elevation change to its entry or some sort of rotating door.

4) A-Screen will probably be extended for defenders to be able to post up on top of it without being seen by attackers from ramps till they closer.

5) The wall-bang-able box in the middle of Valorant's Icebox's A-Site appears to be getting a change in orientation.

6) The small boxes at the bottom of the Jail-side of Ramps will likely be removed an boxes will be added closer to the Pipes side of ramps.

Some of these changes look quite promising in terms of making the map more balanced for both attackers and defenders. For example, the box's addition in the middle of B-Site will make teams less dependent on a Sage wall. That being said, it will be interesting to see if these changes end up being implemented in the game.

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