Valorant may introduce 'profile codes' feature to share crosshair settings with friends

Valorant may introduce Profile Codes feature (Screengrab from game)
Valorant may introduce Profile Codes feature (Screengrab from game)

Sharing crosshair settings, sensitivity, and game settings with friends in Valorant may become easier soon as developers plan to introduce the profile codes feature in the upcoming updates of the game.

Players can share their profile settings by sharing just one code, and their friends can paste the code and adjust the settings as per their comfort.

The profile code feature is not new to multiplayer games. This feature is already influential in CS: GO, and PUBG Mobile and will surely help Valorant players to follow the same settings as their friends or some pro players.

Valorant players will be able to upload and download different crosshairs using profile codes

Since its release in mid-2020, the game has seen immense popularity during its short tenure. The unique gameplay combination, featuring Agents' abilities and gun games, separates the Riot's shooter from the other FPS titles in the market.

As a result, many players have been attracted to the game and tried the game as well. Many of them didn't have any previous experience playing FPS games. They got a taste of FPS games through Valorant and started regularly playing the game.

Being an FPS game, a perfect crosshair setting is the utmost thing to play the game. It can directly impact the gameplay as well. However, it is pretty difficult for new players to customize their crosshair settings according to their comfort zone. They seem to get inspiration from experienced players or other pro players.

It is, however, pretty confusing to learn and implement crosshair settings from other players. It increases the chances of playing with incorrect settings that sometimes impact players' gameplay.


To make it easier for the players, developers are planning to introduce the profile codes feature. Players can upload their crosshair settings and generate a code to share it with friends using this feature. This code can be and pasted to download the same crosshair settings.

This will remove the confusion and make it easier for players to implement the same settings as their friends and other trusted people. However, Riot is yet to confirm the implementation of the feature. It will be interesting to see when this feature is finally introduced to the game.

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Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha