Valorant reportedly getting new game mode, HURM, an ability enabled TDM

Riot Games might bring in a new Deathmatch mode to Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Riot Games might bring in a new Deathmatch mode to Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant is reportedly getting a new ability-enabled Team Deathmatch game mode in a future update. It will be called "HURM," according to prominent leaker and data miner ValorLeaks on Twitter.

There has been no official statement regarding this update from Riot Games yet.

As per the information provided in the tweet, the game mode will feature a Deathmatch, where players will race to be the first team to get to 100 kills. This is unlike a regular Deathmatch, where a single user fights for 40 kills per game.

Since the game mode will allow abilities, it can be expected to be much different than the regular game mode in Valorant.

What will new "HURM" game mode be like in Valorant?

Regular Deathmatch is an excellent tool for warm-ups before competitive matchmaking in Valorant. But since the new HURM game mode will be ability-enabled, gamers can use it not just to train their aim but also their utility usage for ranked matchmaking.

Riot has always been creative with its game modes for its 5v5 tactical shooter. It has released game modes like Escalation and Snowball Fight, where players get to see the fun side of the title instead of the serious matchmaking where they tend to try hard often.

The new game mode, however, could be a game changer for warm-ups. It is said to be ability-enabled, meaning gamers can use all the Agent's abilities from normal matchmaking. It could mean they can also use Ultimates.


With the current speculations for the game mode, it can be said that it looks promising for users to get their hands on a new Deathmatch. Valorant already has a plethora of game modes, and adding a few more will only help the competitive shooter in the long run.

Games like CS: GO and Rainbow Six Siege have plenty of game lists for players to enjoy. Game modes like this can help Valorant users not only warm up but also play without trying too hard.

Since Deathmatches only last about eight minutes, it can be expected that the HURM mode will only go for as long as ten minutes.

This match type is expected to show up in a future update, but gamers may have to wait for a while since there is no official confirmation from the developers.

The HURM could feature tons of special characteristics that will separate its identity from the regular Deathmatch. If the leaks are accurate, the ability-enabled system can offer players much value in terms of aim and ability practice.

Right now, HURM is only a rumored game mode that has no official date or even name. Previously, there were rumors regarding a "1v1" game mode that never showed up, so it is possible that the developers are working on multiple modes at the moment.

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