5 features Riot Games should include in Valorant’s speculated "1v1 mode"

Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooter developed by Riot Games (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooter developed by Riot Games (Image via Riot Games)

A new Valorant leak teased a new 1v1 mode that might enter the playlist in Valorant. It is exciting for the community to finally get a new game mode that benefits casual and competitive players.

Although there have been no official talks regarding the confirmation of this particular game mode by Riot Games, fans predict that the leak might be true.

Seems a 1v1 Arena Gamemode is currently in development. | #VALORANT

If the new 1v1 mode might make it to the playlist, it would be the sixth playable game mode in Valorant. It will have the potential to add tonnes of extra features to the game. As expected, fans are curious how it might turn out.

Five features that would make sense in leaked "1v1 mode" in Valorant

1) Smaller maps


Like CS: GO's Wingman game mode, Riot could either design new maps from scratch for this particular game mode or shorten the size of playable ground in the existing maps. Valorant has plenty of maps that it can use to carve out a perfect 1v1 map.

For example, Ascent can be played but with only B site open for both attackers and defenders. This would fit the 1v1 situation perfectly with fair competition for both sides.

2) Best of 10 (instead of 13)


Clearly, the 1v1 mode will be less time-consuming than a normal competitive or unrated match. It would not feel quite right to prolong such a game mode, as gamers will only look at it for either casual play or as a means to warm up before an actual competitive game.

The number of rounds in a 1v1 game should be lesser, which would be very similar to CS: GO's Wingman. Players might want something like the best of 10 rounds, meaning the first to win 10 rounds wins the game.

Something like this suits the 1v1 mode perfectly, as it would be quicker and more entertaining.

3) Different economy


It could very much be a possibility that the new game mode might have a lesser number of playable rounds compared to the other game modes. As mentioned in the above point, it might be a best of 10.

In this situation, the economy in a 1v1 game mode might need to differ from the other existing game modes which also include a manageable economy. Users on both sides should progressively be able to buy weapons in each round, but it should not be too early or too late for them to purchase rifles or Operators.

4) Limited Agent abilities


Not all the Agents in the Valorant roster have the perfect abilities for a 1v1 game mode. Some are underpowered and others are so powerful that they should not make it to the 1v1 mode.

For example, most Controllers have smokes that could be pinpointed by players, making for a very low amount of effort to play when it comes to 1v1. It would be a better decision by Riot if they don't include all abilities for all Agents in such a match type.

Abilities do make Agents unique in every way possible, but the inclusion of all of them might break this game mode.

5) Different ranking system


A major change that the new 1v1 mode in Valorant must have is a new ranking system. CS: GO players are accustomed to such options, as the Wingman mode also has a different ranking system.

This does not affect gamers' competitive ranks. Those who would like a different competition within the title apart from the normal ranking system can grind this out. Players looking to improve their 1v1s can play this as a warm-up or practice game.

Note: This article reflects the author's views.

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