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The Agent of Romance may have been a joke, but it might have teased the new upcoming "Foxtrot" Valorant map

The codename for the upcoming Valorant map is Foxtrot Image by Riot Games.
The codename for the upcoming Valorant map is Foxtrot Image by Riot Games.
Modified 01 Apr 2021

The codename for the upcoming Valorant map, along with music, has been leaked. The sixth map in the game is called Foxtrot.

Valorant gained worldwide success in its first year and has become one of the most played Esports titles. However, the best days of the game are in the future with constant support, new in-game content from developers, and new tournaments taking place every day.

Despite having robust in-game Agents, weapon skins, and other cosmetic items, one of the game's weaker sections lacks map variety.

Previously, the developers confirmed that one new map, if not more, will be coming to Valorant by the end of the year.

A recent data mining effort confirmed the codename and map music, which hints towards a tropical setting.

The sixth map of Valorant is codenamed Foxtrot

With the latest patch 2.06, Valorant introduced many major changes and added the Magepunk weapon collection.


With its release, data miners found the Easter eggs in the game regarding the new Valorant 'Agent of Romance,' a satirical Sims-type dating game.

Even though that turned out to be an April Fools joke, data miners found something interesting about the next map in Valorant.

They discovered the loading music for the unreleased “Foxtrot” map.

According to The International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet, known as the NATO phonetic alphabet, Foxtrot is used to signify the letter F, the sixth alphabet in English vocabulary.

Considering the upcoming map will be the sixth map in Valorant, the codename of Foxtrot matches up quite well.

From the cybercity 'Tokyo of Split' to the cold Siberian 'docks of Icebox,' Valorant has a small but good selection of maps, each with its own identity.

Even though the new map's location is unknown, the instruments and the tone hint at a tropical setting, which would match up with a previously discussed possibility of a new map based on Papua New Gunia.


Previously, Valorant game director Joseph Zigler said that the team is trying to release seven maps as soon as possible, with the hints of multiple maps in 2021.

However, the first two acts of Episode 2 haven’t introduced any new maps, although Act 1 and Act 3 of Episode 1 did, with Ascent and Icebox.

Considering the facts, it might not be farfetched to hope for the new map to debut with or before Episode 2 Act 3.

The only certain thing about the new “Foxtrot” map is that it is coming to Valorant this year, probably before Episode 3.

Published 01 Apr 2021, 18:00 IST
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