Top 3 Valorant agent combinations for Split in Episode 2 Act 3

Valorant's Split map (Image via Riot)
Valorant's Split map (Image via Riot)
Rishab Chakladar

Picking the right agent combinations is quintessential to winning in Valorant.

Valorant currently has 15 agents. Each agent has a unique toolkit that has varying synergies with the other agents. Every map needs a different agent combination and playstyle to win a game.

Split map is based on Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan. It has two spike-planting sites with a mid vent room. It favors defenders, as there are multiple angles to hold when defending. Clearing all possible angles before taking control of the site is a challenge for attackers.

Perfect agent combinations can easily win the game on this map.

Top 3 Valorant agent combinations in Split:

1. Double Sentinel combination:

As Split is a defense-oriented map of Valorant, some teams prefer to use two Sentinels on this map.

A. Cypher:

Cypher is one of the primary picks on this map in Valorant. With Spycam, cages, and trapwires, Cypher can hold a site easily. He is also very useful in cutting off enemy rotations while on the attacking side.

B. Sage:

Sage can be very useful in this Valorant map to slow down approaching enemies. Her healing and revival can change the outcome of a round.

C. Brimstone:

Brimstone can be very useful in this map. Brimstone's dense smoke, molly, and steam beacon can be instrumental on various occasions in the match.

D. Raze:

Raze can be impactful on this map with her paint shells and boom bot. With perfect use of satchel, Raze can trouble the opposition relentlessly.

E. Reyna:

Reyna's leer will be instrumental in blinding enemies. It will be helpful to enter into a site or retake a site.

Double Sentinel Combination in Valorant's Split
Double Sentinel Combination in Valorant's Split

2. Sentinel-Initiator combination:

In this combination, players sacrifice one Sentinel for an Initiator.

A. Cypher:

Cypher is again added to this combination. Cypher's intel gathering ability is key to success for his team.

B. Breach:

As an initiator, Breach is much more preferable in this map. Breach's flash, fault-line, and after-shock is very useful for retaking a site or entering a site.

C. Omen:

Omen is preferable in this combination as he can outclass opponents with Shrouded Step. He can teleport between sites and move to high ground to confuse the enemies.

D. Raze:

Raze is also useful in this line-up. Utilizing her paintshells and boom bots, she can clear all the angles for her team and provide a safe entry into the site.

E. Jett:

Jett's mobility makes her instrumental. Utilizing her Updraft, Tailwind, and Cloudburst she can provide safe entry into the site for her team.

Sentinel-Initiator combination in Valorant's Split
Sentinel-Initiator combination in Valorant's Split

3. Killjoy combination:

Another preferred agent combination for Split map in Valorant.

A. Killjoy:

Killjoy is an excellent choice. With her turret, alarm bot, and nano swarm she can slow down her enemies and can do excellent damage.

B. Skye:

Some prefer Skye as the Initiator on this map. Skye is more balanced with her abilities as she can blind enemies as well as scout the opponent's location. Moreover, she can heal her teammates if needed.

C. Omen:

Omen is useful in this lineup as well. Utilizing the Omen's tool, players can outclass their opponents.

D. Raze:

Raze is almost an automatic pick for Split map in Valorant. Raze's abilities are instrumental in this map.

E. Jett:

As there is already an agent who can flash the enemies, players can choose Jett as the second duelist. Jett's quick movement and aggressive approach are pretty useful for Split in Valorant.

Killjoy combination in Valorant's Split
Killjoy combination in Valorant's Split

These are some basic agent combinations in Valorant's Split in Episode 2 Act 3. However, it fully depends on the players and their comfort zones.

Edited by Gautham Balaji

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