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Valorant in 2021 and beyond

Valorant Agent roster Image by Riot Games
Valorant Agent roster Image by Riot Games
Modified 02 Jan 2021, 16:51 IST

Valorant launched to worldwide acclaim on June 2nd, 2020.

Valorant introduced regular quality content in the form of acts through its episodic format. There were a total of 3 acts in Episode 1: ignition. Let’s take a look at what Valorant is planning for 2021 and beyond.

Valorant in 2021 and beyond

New episodes and acts

As Episode 1: Ignition draws to a close, fans are eagerly waiting for Riot Games to reveal Episode 2. It has already been confirmed for an early January release.

According to Riot Games, each episode will last for period of 6 months. Episode 3 of Valorant is expected to arrive in June 2021. Similar to Episode 1: Ignition, each episode is expected to consist of 3 acts.The acts are to last for 2 months.


New Agents

The current Valorant agent roster consists of 13 agents. With a new agent arriving with each act, 6 new agents are expected to join the roster in 2021. There have been extensive leaks and rumors regarding the 14th Valorant agent, who is expected to join the roster with Episode 2 Act 1.

Riot Games has released a series of silhouette wallpapers, and confirmed his role as a duelist. Fans are eagerly waiting a full reveal.

New Maps and New Game Modes.

In Valorant Episode 1: Ignition, Act 1 and Act 3 introduced new maps, Ascent and Icebox respectively. Act 2 introduced a new game mode in the form of Deathmatch. Riot Games has spoken previously about its desire to have at least seven maps in the game at the earliest.

Fans are speculating a potential new map based on easter eggs from the images revealed by creative director David Nottingham. If Riot Games is to follow the alternating pattern between map and game Mode, it is possible for a new game mode to arrive with Valorant Episode 2 Act 1.

Fans have been requesting Team Deathmatch mode, and Riot Games did tease that with the limited timed game mode snowball fight.

The Valorant Lore


Riot Games have set up the world of Valorant with unique characters and opposing factions of Valorant Protocol and Kingdom Corporation struggling over the control of Radianite.

Valorant has confirmed that there currently aren’t any plans for a potential Valorant story mode. However, creative director David Nottingham has released a total of five images, which could be parts of a cinematic short. 

Valorant Port on different devices

Valorant is currently only playable on a Windows PC running on an x86 processor. With the current-gen consoles Xbox Series X|S, PS5 targeting 4K resolution and 120fps, Riot Games could look into porting Valorant to the consoles.

This would see it follow in the footsteps of popular games such as Halo and Call of Duty to be a console FPS game. As for the macOS, with the new powerhouse of M series processors, Riot Game could potentially develop a macOS version.

Mobile games have become gargantuan due to the surge of popularity of games such as PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile. With its low specs requirement, the Valorant Mobile version could reach an untapped market.

However, Riot Games haven’t shown any interest in bringing the game to other devices at the moment.

Valorant has a lot of potential and with the constant support from Riot Games, the game should continue growing in 2021 and beyond.

Published 02 Jan 2021, 16:51 IST
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