Valorant Champions 2022: Expected start time, where to watch, all qualified teams, and more

All known details regarding the upcoming Valorant Champions 2022 (Image via Riot Games)
All known details regarding the upcoming Valorant Champions 2022 (Image via Riot Games)
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One of the biggest competitions under Valorant Champions Tour 2022 has concluded, with six teams from around the world receiving a second chance at the prestigious tournament. The Last Chance Qualifiers saw big names falter and unexpectedly power-packed performances from promising teams.

The concluding matchup of Last Chance Qualifiers saw some of the best strategic executions by the popular 100 Thieves Valorant roster. The Stellar-led team dominated over NA's young talent, The Guard, thus securing their spot as the 16th and final team to enter Champions 2022.

A total of 16 teams will compete for the ultimate title next month. While Riot Games is yet to announce the schedule, the dates were announced back in May. However, they are susceptible to changes as fans are still awaiting a new announcement from officials.

Everything to know about Valorant Champions 2022

Valorant Champions 2022 will see some of the best teams from around the world compete for a chance to grab the most prestigious title. Apart from the dates and teams, officials are yet to announce all other details, including the prize pool, commentators, hosts, and more.


Fans have witnessed some of the most intellectual and astonishing plays from the participating teams in the earlier stages of the tournament. One can only imagine how cut-throat the competition will be in Valorant Champions 2022.

Expected start date

According to an official announcement in May, Champions 2022 will start on September 2 and conclude on September 18. The Last Chance Qualifiers has ended, and fans are now expecting the officials to renew their claim regarding the start date.

The dates could change if officials face unforeseen circumstances; however, it is expected to remain the same. With the Last Chance Qualifiers ending, officials may announce the schedule any day now.

All teams that have qualified for Valorant Champions 2022

16 teams from around the world battled through the initial stages of the tournament to garner enough circuit points for Champions 2022. Some of those who couldn't do so received a last chance via the Last Chance Qualifiers.

Two Challengers, two Masters, and one Last Chance Qualifiers later, fans have 16 teams to look out for this season.

North America

  • OpTiC Gaming (Circuit Points)
  • XSET (Circuit Points)
  • 100 Thieves (Last Chance Qualifier)


  • Fnatic (Circuit Points)
  • FunPlus Phoenix (Circuit Points)
  • Team Liquid (Last Chance Qualifier)


  • ZETA DIVISION (Circuit Points)


  • DRX (Circuit Points)


  • LOUD (Circuit Points)


  • Leviatan (Circuit Points)


  • KRÜ Esports (Last Chance Qualifier)
  • FURIA (Last Chance Qualifier)


  • Paper Rex (Circuit Points)
  • Xerxia (Circuit Points)
  • BOOM Esports (Last Chance Qualifier)

East Asia

Fans can already decipher how interesting the games in Champions 2022 will be to watch.

Where to watch

Valorant Champions 2022 will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, this year and will be an offline S-tier tournament. Fans will be able to witness the games live on streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch, and also as a live audience at a venue, which is yet to be confirmed.


Riot Games haven't announced a schedule for the upcoming tournament and hence, fans will have to wait for the same before they can grab tickets to witness the games live.

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