China marks their entry to VCT for the first time ever, Edward Gaming qualifies for Valorant Champions 2022

Edward Gaming qualified for Istanbul (Image via Sportskeeda)
Edward Gaming qualified for Istanbul (Image via Sportskeeda)
Kushal Bhattacharyya

After defeating On Sla2ers in VCT East Asia: Last Chance Qualifiers Grand Finals, Edward Gaming qualified for VCT for the first time ever, making their country proud. They will be the very first-ever Chinese team to represent East Asia in a major tournament in VCT history.

They went UNDEFEATED in the East Asia #VALORANTLCQ Congrats @EDG_Edward!…

Fans have been quite excited to see the team perform in Istanbul. Right off the bat, they had a huge following due to their performance in the LCQ. Their performances against teams like NORTHEPTION, REJECT, KONE eSC, and On Sla2ers have been phenomenal.

VCT viewers quickly noticed the team's potential as they kept climbing the stages in the LCQ, before finally making their way to Istanbul.

Edward Gaming climbed their way to the upcoming VCT tournament in Istanbul

The Chinese team came a long way from the Huya Summer Festival back in 2020 to VCT EA: LCQ 2022. Along the way, they picked up many new fans by defeating some formidable teams in these tournaments and proving themselves to be an absolute powerhouse when it comes to Valorant.

The champions' photos after winning the games. Share the happiness with us! See you in Istanbul!#EDGWIN

Now that they have qualified for VCT: Istanbul, they have a long way to go to lead their country's competitive gaming scene from here on out. They already serve as a huge inspiration to smaller teams from the region as they beat the East Asia LCQs, and following this, fans are hoping for a flourishing career for the team.

With two proven coaches leading them, each and every member of the Edward Gaming roster has proven to be a remarkable player.

Here's the roster list for Edward Gaming:

  • ZmjjKK
  • nobody
  • Life
  • Haodong
  • Smoggy (Sub)
  • Abo (Sub)
  • Muggle (Coach)
  • AfteR (Coach)

The roster's performance in the current tournament has been quite impressive, with their professional tournament streak being 10 in a row - a tough act to follow for almost any team.

Since the East Asia LCQ started, Edward Gaming's win-rate has been a perfect 100%. This was clearly a sign to fans that there's no stopping this team.

The upcoming Valorant Champions Tour: Istanbul is set to begin on September 2, 2022 and end on September 18, 2022. This will be Edward Gaming's first venture into uncharted waters as they represent China in front of a huge audience.


The pressure this team has to undergo during the upcoming tournament is understandable. With that being said, it is probably the best opportunity for a roster trying to prove themselves as the best team in Valorant esports history. Edward Gaming could be a sight to behold in Istanbul.

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