Valorant crosshair guide: Best custom reticle color for all maps

Here are the best custom crosshair colors for maps in Valorant. (Image via Sportskeeda)
These custom crosshair colors for maps in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Riot's popular tactical shooter, Valorant, requires players to be accurate with their crosshair placement. Players spend a lot of time determining the best crosshair style for their playstyle. A less popular but essential topic is the reticle's color, which plays a vital role in placement and accuracy.


Most of the community prefers 'cyan' or 'yellow' as the default crosshair color for all maps in the game. However, a dedicated Redditor took his time to chalk out the best custom colors for each map using his programming skills.

With patch 5.04 renovating the crosshair system, players can choose to use the hexadecimal code of any color they want. That said, having too many options can be distracting. A guide to the best reticle color on every map can help disburse any confusion.

Custom crosshair colors for every map in Valorant

Maintaining a contrast between the crosshair color and the background is essential. This ensures the best visibility and enables players to place their crosshairs more accurately for lineups or securing kills.

The Redditor, u/usewhynot, took his time to record videos of him looking at different angles on all maps. He then used a Python script to read every video and decipher the best contrasting colors for each map.

Take a look at the list of best-suited custom colors for your crosshair in Valorant:

  1. Ascent: #00e0ff (a shade of Cyan)
  2. Bind: #00a1ff (a shade of Cyan-Blue)
  3. Breeze: #00ffdf (a slightly greenish shade of Cyan)
  4. Fracture: #005bff (deeper shade of Cyan-Blue)
  5. Haven: #0078ff (a shade of Cyan-Blue)
  6. Icebox: #2aff00 (a shade of Green)
  7. Pearl: #ff1d00 (a shade of Red)

Most of the shades mentioned above are a variation of cyan, an optimally-contrasting color for all map backgrounds in Valorant. However, it isn't suitable for some angles in Icebox and Pearl. The algorithm found a variation of green to be suitable for Icebox's snowy backdrop and a shade of red for Pearl's oceany look.


To use one of the aforementioned colors with your crosshair, open in-game settings and head to the 'Crosshair' tab. Here, under Primary, click on the drop-down list for colors and choose 'Custom.' Input the hexadecimal code of the color you want to try.

Before patch 5.04, players were restricted to eight colors for their crosshair style. The only options available were white, green, yellow-green, green, yellow, cyan, red, and pink. Most of the community preferred choosing cyan, yellow, or red for default purposes. However, it's no longer necessary to stick to the default shades.

One can choose to experiment with the color above codes to find the best option for themselves in Valorant. Finding a sweet spot may take some time, but it is worth the effort. Finding the perfect crosshair color for your liking can be the key to hitting those perfect headshots.

The availability of custom crosshair settings has caused players to display their creative power at full blows. Many new and unique reticle styles have popped up in the last few weeks. Even though most of these styles aren't the best for competitive Valorant, many choose to have fun with such crosshairs in games.

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