Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 Battlepass: Release date, weapon skins, player cards, and more

Episode 4 Act 2 Battlepass (Image via Twitter/@Shiick)
Episode 4 Act 2 Battlepass (Image via Twitter/@Shiick)
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Episode 4 Act 2 of Valorant is scheduled to arrive in the coming days, as the ongoing Act nears its conclusion.

Each new Act in Valorant will carry an exclusive Battlepass that contains a variety of items that players can obtain upon purchase. Players are then required to earn XP and complete various Tiers of the Battlepass in order to gain each item.

Similar to the previous Battlepass, Episode 4 Act 2 is also expected to feature 50 Tiers of missions, along with 5 bonus Tiers.

New battlepass skins thread:Striker collection/Lycans Bane Collection/Divine Swin Collection

Sources on Twitter have released images of the contents of the upcoming Battlepass, which is set to feature 3 new weapon skin collections, an exorbitant amount of Radianite Points (RP), and other exciting items.

Valorant's latest Battlepass will feature 3 new weapon skins

Episode 4 Act 2 of Valorant is around the corner and is expected to arrive soon after the ongoing Act ends on March 1, 2022. The contents of the Battlepass are as shown below.

Weapon skins

Riot Games have released 3 new weapon skins as part of the Episode 4 Act 2 Battlepass - Divine Swine, Striker, and Lycans Bane - all of which can be redeemed upon completing various Tiers of the event.

Striker collection

Episode 4 Act 2 Battlepass | #VALORANT > Striker Skinline

The Striker collection is expected to be the primary skinline from the upcoming Battlepass, featuring skins for Bulldog, Classic, Operator, Spectre, and melee. Each skin has 3 additional color variants.

The highlight of this skin collection is the unique design that separates each color variant. The Striker melee resembles a Glitchpop dagger in terms of design and carries a diverse color scheme.

Divine Swine collection

Episode 4 Act 2 Battlepass | #VALORANT > Divine Swine (Has Day/Night Cycles)

The Divine Swine collection features skins for Marshal, Judge, Ares, and Frenzy. The bundle doesn't feature any additional color variants.

However, similar to the Nunca Olvidados bundle, each weapon in the Divine Swine collection has a Night variant which players can unlock at the cost of RP.

Bane collection

Episode 4 Act 2 Battlepass | #VALORANT > Bane Skinline

Bane skinline from the upcoming Battlepass is expected to include skins for Vandal, Odin, Stinger, and Ghost. Unlike the other 2 collections, Bane does not have any purchasable variants.

While donning a red color, weapons from this collection are designed similar to weapons from the Tigris and Reaver bundles.

Player cards

Episode 4 Act 2 Battlepass - Playercards | #VALORANT

Episode 4 Act 2 is Valorant's first-ever community Battlepass and will feature 13 new Player Cards designed by members from within the game's community.

The items featured in this community Battlepass are expected to be region-specific, with Riot Games providing a chance for artists from all regions of the world to flourish.

Gun buddies

Episode 4 Act 2 Battlepass Gunbuddys | #VALORANT

The upcoming Battlepass will also feature new gun buddies that players can equip alongside their weapons in Valorant. Players can get up to 9 different gun buddies over the course of the Battlepass.


Valorant's upcoming Battlepass will also include a variety of sprays that players have access to throughout their in-game experience. In addition to the sprays in the image above, an additional spray titled Bruno's Happy Dance is also set to arrive in Episode 4 Act 2.

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