Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 Night Market will go live soon: Start time, end date, and more

Episode 4 Act 3 Night Market is expected to arrive soon (Image via Twitter/PlayVALORANT)
Episode 4 Act 3 Night Market is expected to arrive soon (Image via Twitter/PlayVALORANT)
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One of the most exciting events in Valorant, the Night Market, is expected to arrive in the coming days. Fans worldwide are looking forward to the event, as Riot Games have officially confirmed its timing and duration.

The Night Market is a 13-day event in Valorant that allows the game's audience to purchase a set of in-game weapon skins at a discounted rate. Each player will be given a set of 6 unique weapon skins at a randomly discounted rate during the Night Market.

Although weapon selection and discount rates are random, a few skin collections will be unavailable through the Night Market for the entire playerbase. Details about the upcoming Night Market are as mentioned below.

NightMarket is Coming Back | #VALORANT 5/19 - 6/1

Valorant Night Market is expected to arrive soon for Episode 4 Act 3

Purchasing in-game cosmetics is an expensive endeavor in Valorant. However, the Night Market makes it convenient for players to indulge in in-game purchases. This is otherwise an activity that much of the playerbase doesn't participate in due to the exorbitant cost of weapon skins.

Start and end dates

Episode 4 Act 3 Night Market is scheduled to commence on May 18. The event will continue until May 31, according to Riot Games. Once a player unveils their list of Night Market offers, the skins available for purchase will not change until the event ends.

Players will have 13 days to decide if they want to empty their pockets on a few of the exquisite weapon skins available throughout the event. Like other in-game purchases in Valorant, skins from the Night Market are not refundable.

Cross your fingers and mark your calendars–the Night Market’s coming back // 05.18.22

What skins are available in the Night Market?

As mentioned earlier, the game's entire skin library will not be available through the Night Market. Only skins valued in the Premium Edition (1775 VP) skin tier or below will be available through the Night Market.

Any skins valued at Exclusive (2175 VP/2675 VP) or Ultra Edition (2475 VP) will not appear as a Night Market offer for the playerbase. As a result, some of the most popular skin bundles like Spectrum, RGX 11z Pro, Glitchpop, Protocol 781-A, and several others fail to make it to the Night Market's collection of skins.


Additionally, skins that arrived in the previous and current Acts of the game will not be featured in the Night Market. Gaia's Vengeance, Team Ace, and the Endeavor skin collections that arrived in Episode 4 Act 2 will not make it to the upcoming Night Market.

However, players can expect the Undercity and Tigris skin collections to make their first appearance in the Episode 4 Act 3 Night Market.

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