Valorant Error code 5: What is it and how to possibly fix it?

What is Valorant Error code 5 (Image via Riot Games)
What is Valorant Error code 5 (Image via Riot Games)

Bugs and system errors are a part and parcel of any competitive title, and Riot Games’ Valorant is no stranger to this fact, especially when a new patch comes around.

Over the course of its inaugural year, Valorant saw a lot of bugs come and go from its servers, and while a few of them still pop up every now and then, the shooter is much more stable now than it used to be.

However, there has been an error that is troubling players a lot recently, and many in the community are facing an issue which prevents them from queuing up for a game. The client denotes this problem as Valorant Error code 5, and this article will look to explain what that particular error is, and how players can possibly fix it.

What is Valorant Error code 5?

Image via Riot Games
Image via Riot Games

Valorant Error code 5 usually occurs when the shooter’s servers are overloaded, or when Riot has taken them down for maintenance.

Players will usually get this message while they are in the middle of a game, or just queued up for matchmaking. If server maintenance kicks in, while the player is still inside a match, then the game will automatically exit and they will receive a Valorant Error Code 5 message.

Hence, when the error pops, it’s important to check the Valorant server status and see if Riot has scheduled maintenance at that time.

However, there are irregularities with the error, and the message can pop up randomly even when the servers are functional.

If that is the case then here are a few things that players can try, which might possibly fix the issue:

1) Restarting system and router

If the Valorant servers are up and players are still facing Valorant error code 5, then rebooting the system and the internet router might just be able to fix it.

Restarting the router will allow players to troubleshoot their home network, which as a result might change the route between them and their service providers. Changing the route might fix the error and allow players to queue back into their games.

Restarting the system, however, will help players solve the Valorant Error code 5 if it was caused by a software bug.

2) Re-installing Vanguard

Re-installing Vanguard can solve the issue (Image via Riot Games)
Re-installing Vanguard can solve the issue (Image via Riot Games)

Vanguard by all means is one of the best anti-cheat softwares in the market. However, it does come with its fair share of issues, and Valorant players often run into a bug because of it.

Hence, there is speculation that Error code 5 might be a Vanguard issue, so if the servers are up and players are still facing the problem, then reinstalling the anti-cheat software and rebooting the system might be the best solution to the problem.

3) Re-installing Valorant

Sometimes a simple system reboot may not solve Valorant Error code 5 if the problem is with the core game files. In this case, players can try re-installing the game along with Vanguard to fix the bug that may exist in Valorant’s core game files.

Re-installing the game usually solves all the error issues, and Valorant Error code 5 is not the only bug that can be solved by this method.

4) Submitting a support ticket to Riot

If the above steps do not solve the issue, then the problem might be a bit more serious and can warrant expert opinion.

At times like these, it’s best to reach out to Riot’s support team and players should submit a request regarding the issue that they are facing. The Riot support team is quite prompt with their responses and will definitely be able to come up with a solution for the error.

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