Reyna vs Raze in Valorant: Which agent is the better Duelist in Split?

Is Raze better than Reyna as a duelist in Split? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Is Raze better than Reyna as a duelist in Split? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Set in the streets of Shinjuku, Japan, Split is one of the oldest maps from Valorant's current map pool, having been part of the game since its beta release. Riot Games have since added 4 more maps to Valorant's competitive pool.

The narrow pathways throughout the map and elevated areas on both bomb sites make Split unique, requiring agents with a set of abilities more tuned to the map in order to emerge victorious in Valorant's competitive matchmaking.

Reyna and Raze are both popular choices for Duelists in Valorant. However, with agent preferences changing according to the map, this article details the features of both agents and compares their proficiency as Duelists on Split.

Reyna vs Raze in Valorant: Facts, abilities, skills, and pick rate


The Mexican Vampire is one of Valorant's favorite duelists (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Mexican Vampire is one of Valorant's favorite duelists (Image via Sportskeeda)


Since: v1.0

Role: Duelist

Origin: Mexico


Passive Ability: Soul Harvest

If Reyna kills an enemy or damages them within 3 seconds before their death, the enemy agent will leave behind a soul orb that is available for 3s for Reyna to absorb and utilize for her signature abilities.

Basic Ability (C): Leer

A destructible orb that can pass through walls and can near sight any enemy agent exposed to it.

Signature Ability 1 (Q): Devour

Absorbing a soul orb increases Reyna's health by 100HP in 3 seconds. Her restored armor health gradually decreases, however. Devour activates automatically without absorbing any soul orbs during Empress (X).

Signature Ability 2 (E): Dismiss

Absorbing a soul orb makes Reyna intangible for 2 seconds. During Empress (X), she can turn invisible by using Dismiss.

Ultimate Ability (X): Empress

Upon activation, Reyna gets a boosted equip speed (+25%), reload speed (+25%) and combat stimulation (15%) for 30 seconds. She can harvest an infinite number of soul orbs for Dismiss (E), while the properties of Devour (Q) are applied automatically. Empress requires 6 ultimate points.


Reyna's abilities are primarily equipped for self-sufficient fraggers in Valorant who have a higher skill with their aim than utility usage. Her blind (C) is a convenient flashing ability as it forces opponents to shift their aim to shoot the orb. Leer doesn't affect teammates, as opposed to the flash of every other Valorant agent.

Reyna's Dismiss (E) and Devour (Q) benefit only herself, but to a large extent in most situations, especially during Empress (X). Her abilities of invulnerability, invisibility and self-heal are unparalleled, a reason why she's a popular pick across Valorant.

Pick Rate

Reyna witnessed a pick rate of 24% in Valorant Champions Tour Masters Stage 3: Berlin across all maps, with a 25% pick rate in Split. Meanwhile, among casual gamers, Reyna has a pick rate of 13.3 % across all game modes on all maps, with a 12.9% pick rate in Split, in Episode 3 Act 3 according to


The Brazilian is Valorant's most aggressive Duelist (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Brazilian is Valorant's most aggressive Duelist (Image via Sportskeeda)


Since: Beta

Role: Duelist

Origin: Brazil


Basic Ability 1 (C): Boom Bot

The bot travels in a straight line on the ground while bouncing off walls. If the boombot finds enemies within its range, it explodes, dealing 30-80 HP in damage.

Basic Ability 2 (Q): Blast Pack

Raze instantly releases a blast pack that can either deal up to 50 HP in damage, or aid her in her mobility.

Signature Ability (E): Paint Shells

A cluster grenade, which on explosion forms 4 smaller grenades that explode to deal damage of 15-55 HP per grenade. The ability recharges after 2 kills.

Ultimate Ability (X): Showstopper

Upon activation, Raze has 10 seconds to fire a rocket launcher onto enemies that deals 30-150 HP damage to any agent within the radius. Showstopper requires 8 ultimate points.


Raze possesses a set of goods that come in handy in any situation, being the only agent in Valorant who can deal damage with all 3 abilities. Her boom bot (C) is a good recon tool, dealing considerable damage as well.

Raze's cluster grenade (E) is difficult to avoid in narrow locations, and can often earn her an easy frag. Her rocket launcher (X) is best when paired with her satchel (Q) to aid her mobility and hit her opponents from an unexpected angle.

Pick Rate

Raze was second to Jett as the most preferred Duelist for players in the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Stage 3: Berlin with a 27% pick rate across all maps, which increased to 46% in Split. In the ongoing Act 3 of Episode 3, Raze has a 10% pick rate across all game modes in all 7 maps, with an 11.1% pick rate in Split.

Reyna vs Raze: Which Duelist is the best pick for Split?

Reyna is one of the most popular Duelists in Valorant due to the Brazilian being the only agent who can deal damage with all 4 of her abilities. Reyna, on the other hand, is a straight-up duelist whose sole purpose is to earn kills for the team in order to plant the spike or defend the bomb site.

Split is unique in terms of the narrow pathways that lead to both bomb sites. Most pathways lead to a cubby, which forms a chokehold for players. All of Raze's abilities, particularly her cluster grenades (E) and rocket launcher (X), work perfectly due to the conditions players find themselves in on Split.

The elevated angles in the map create potential for Raze to enhance her mobility with her satchel (Q). In comparison, Reyna has no tools that can improve her movement, or gain her access to the site, which is essential in a map like Split.

Split has far too many angles to clear, in comparison to other maps in Valorant. With just 2 Leers (C) available, Reyna players have to conserve their only aid and rely solely on their aim to win them fights. Despite being one of the most favored duelists in Valorant, Reyna lacks the abilities to gain an advantage over Raze on Split.

Edited by R. Elahi

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