Valorant Neon guide: How to play with the agent on Ascent

A guide to playing Valorant's new Duelist agent, Neon in Ascent (Image via Sportskeeda)
A guide to playing Valorant's new Duelist agent, Neon in Ascent (Image via Sportskeeda)

Neon is Valorant's latest addition to the agent roster and is equipped with bioelectric abilities, allowing her to move fast.

The sixth Valorant Duelist agent is the best fit for the players who prefer to rush and play aggressively. Her versatile ability toolkit not only allows her speedy mobility, but also enables her to concuss anyone, create two parallel walls, and electric-zap the opponents. One can easily knock all the enemies down faster than the lightning speed.


Valorant's Ascent map has a long Mid area which often becomes difficult for the defenders to control. However, with Neon, you can take all the opponent players down within a moment, if played efficiently. To do so, you need to know some effective gameplay tactics.

How to play Neon on Valorant's Ascent map

Neon can be a difficult agent to track due to her fast movement. Thus, the Valorant duelist can easily entry-frag or go ahead for a speedy lurk and kill all the enemies before they get to react. This will make defending rounds easier to win on Ascent.


Ascent's B Site to Mid Bottom

Neon can make an aggressive push from B Site to the Mid. This will clear the enemies present in the B Main and B Lobby in one go, at speed with her High Gear ability.

To do so, you need to activate her ultimate, Overdrive, and then throw her Relay Bolt to concuss the enemies at B Main. Then you can easily push the opponents and kill them with the electric zaps. This way, B Site's entrance would be cleared, and Neon can push the enemies, if present in Ascent's Mid Bottom.

Ascent's Mid Bottom to B Main

Valorant's Ascent has a huge Mid area which can often be difficult to defend. However, with Neon, one can kill the enemies and rush to B Main easily.

As soon as the round starts, you need to use her Fast Lane ability to enter the B Lobby swiftly. While doing so, you can throw the Relay Bolt to stun the attackers and push them with Neon's Overdrive ability activated. This will leave no time for the enemies to push into the B Site to react, and you can knock them down after with the lightning speed.

Ascent's A Site to Mid Top

Players can rush towards A Cubby by throwing the stun nade to the A Main entrance. Then Neon can reach the entrance soon with her High Gear and shoot down all the enemies present there.

She can also rush with her ultimate activated and clear the A Lobby, then move ahead to the Top Mid, and kill the enemies present there. This way the whole A Lobby and Top Mid would be cleared within moments, with Neon's aggressive play.

You can also try out different playstyles with Neon. The Valorant Duelist is best suited for aggressive gameplay, but you can play her strategically as well, depending on your skills and situations, to win the game.

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