Valorant Neon Guide: How to play the agent on Breeze

A guide to playing Valorant's new Duelist agent, Neon in Breeze (Image via Sportskeeda)
A guide to playing Valorant's new Duelist agent, Neon in Breeze (Image via Sportskeeda)

Neon, Valorant's sixth Duelist agent, recently joined the agent pool in Episode 4 Act 1. The Filipino Valorant agent has the ability to move fast with her bioelectric radiance. Neon can kill opponents faster than the speed of lightning. She can also slide and stun the enemies.


One can play aggressively with her and attack the sides with ease. If played aggressively, Neon is also great in the defending rounds and pushing back the enemies.

This would make it difficult for the enemy to enter the site, as she can get them from behind, with fast lurks. It becomes difficult for the enemies to track the Valorant Duelist due to her speedy mobility.

How to play Neon on Valorant's Breeze map?

Neon can make defending in Breeze easier with her aggressive plays. The map has a wide Mid and multiple openings to the sites. Thus, Neon can easily lurk fast and push the opponents attacking the sites.


B Tunnel to B Main

Pushing from B Tunnel in Valorant's Breeze can make it easier to lurk fast and push the enemies present in B Main. With Neon's super fast speed, enemies won't have time to react.

The player can activate the ultimate, Overdrive. As soon as the round starts, aim in the down-left corner of the 'Roti Boatie' board to throw the Relay Bolt. This will make it land up at B Elbow. Then the player can push in and zap the enemies down.

Mid Wood to Mid Bottom

Breeze's Mid is wide and has multiple openings to the sites, among which kind Wood and Mid Bottom remain some of the crucial areas to defend in the map. However, the player can easily do with an aggressive Neon play.

With her ultimate activated, one needs to push the attackers from Mid Wood to Mid Bottom. Then throw the stun grenade in Mid Bottom and push there. Neon can easily knock down enemies with electric zaps.

A Site to A Cave

A-Cave is one of the main entrances to Breeze's A Site in Valorant. The area can be defended with a heavy push with Neon's ultimate, Overdrive. The player needs to rush into the cave by activating the Fast Lane and throwing the Relay Bolt on the right at A Shop.

This will stun all the enemies present there and won't give them a chance to run back efficiently. The player can take advantage of the situation and easily knock them down. Else, the player can also throw the Relay Bolt at the A Cave and push there instead.

B Site to B Elbow

To defend the B Site, the player needs to make an aggressive push with Fast Lane and drop the grenade on B Main's entrance. Then the duelist can quickly kill the opponents in B Elbow, with her ultimate activated.

B Main is the main entrance of Breeze's B Site. So playing aggressively with Neon during the defending rounds can help in an easy win.

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