Valorant nerfs Raze's satchel mobility in patch 8.11

Valorant patch 8.11 Raze satchel mobility nerfs.
Valorant patch 8.11 will nerf Raze's satchel mobility (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant patch 8.11 will bring nerfs to Raze's satchel mobility, much to the woe of duelist mains. The Brazilian duelist has been one of the most aggressive agents in the game since its inception, boasting impressive firepower and unmatched mobility. Raze has been a prominent pick across both the ranked and professional scenes, and this nerf aims to tackle her immense mobility, making her a bit easier to counter for other players.

Although the Valorant patch 8.11 goes live on June 11, 2024, developers have released notes that give us a detailed idea of what Raze nerfs we are looking at in terms of satchel mobility.

In this article, we will discuss these nerfs and what they mean for Raze players.

Raze's satchel mobility will be nerfed in Valorant patch 8.11

The nerfs coming to Raze's satchel mobility in Valorant patch 8.11 are as follows:

Blast Pack (Q)

  • Raze’s satchels no longer explode for damage/knockback upon opponent destruction.
  • Raze’s horizontal velocity when satcheling has been slowed.
  • Satchel explosion audio has been updated to be audible farther away to ensure enemies can hear the first satchel when a Raze double satchels.

These nerfs primarily revolve around Raze's satchel and its mechanics. Although the satchel can also be used for knockback effects, players mostly use the feature for their own mobility and taking site control.

Raze's satchel mobility is a bit too much in the hands of the right player. These movements more than often catch unsuspecting players unable to track her erratic movement, which has an impressive amount of speed as well. In the developer notes, the team mentioned the following:

"As we’ve seen you get better and better at Raze’s satchel mobility, we’ve found that her total speed and movement potential can undermine the tactical loop."

The nerfs primarily reduce Raze's horizontal mobility with the satchel, which should make her considerably easier to track for opponents.

How will the nerfs affect Raze after Valorant patch 8.11?

Raze's satchel movement is being nerfed (Image via Riot Games)
Raze's satchel movement is being nerfed (Image via Riot Games)

These nerfs do not bring any game-altering nerfs to Raze, and the agent will still be a menace in the right hands. However, counterplay should be considerably easier after the update. With an increased audio range for the satchel, players will now have more time to adjust and react to any "flying antics" that the Agent might want to pull off.

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The horizontal speed nerf should affect Raze players to some extent, as their previous flight paths and calculated moves will need to change. They will not be able to cover the same distance with a reduced horizontal speed, and it can take some time to adjust to the new mobility parameters.

The damage and knockback negation upon being destroyed is a beneficial change for anyone on the opponents, as Raze players will no longer be able to deny plants/defuses with a satchel, or get an easy frag on a low HP enemy.

Along with nerfs to Raze, Valorant patch 8.11 will also bring in nerfs and buffs to other Agents, including Reyna, Iso, Neon, and Clove.

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