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Valorant players can soon hide crosshair settings in future updates

Modified 25 Dec 2020, 15:22 IST
Image via Riot Games

Crosshairs are integral to shooters like Valorant and CS: GO, as customizing them in any way helps gamers improve significantly.

Crosshair settings are as personal to the Valorant player as their DPI and eDPI settings. Not many take it in good stride if an observer criticizes them for running a crosshair of their choice.

Criticizing crosshairs has become a growing trend in Valorant. All online tactical shooters come with their own brand of toxicity, and for Riot Game’s shooter, the hate for “non-meta” crosshairs is a significant issue.

In solo queue, teammates who die first often take the opportunity to ridicule the player whose crosshair they do not like.

It gets out of hand at times, and players go as far as to dish out verbal abuse in both voice comms and the in-game chat.

This inherently ruins the fun in the game, and solo queue in the lower Valorant ranked tiers becomes elo hell, which is very hard to escape.

From smurfing to boosting to outright comms abuse, many issues lead to toxic behavior in Valorant’s lower elos. 


Valorant players will be able to hide crosshair settings from prying eyes

In the recent Ask Valorant Dec 24, Riot producer Matt Le answered the community question:

“Is there any way to hide my crosshair from anyone observing me? I get harassed for my crosshair in almost every game, and it’s really putting me off from playing.”

Matt replied:

“Sorry to hear you’re getting harassed over crosshair choice. We allow players to spectate other crosshairs so they can get inspiration for their own, but I can definitely see how the consistent comments could become annoying. I think being able to hide your crosshair is a great idea— we’ll try to fit it into our future plans and keep you posted on any changes.”

It’s good news that the Valorant devs will be considering a toggle on and off option for crosshair visibility when it comes to observers. 

It will help reduce player harassment significantly and tackle a lot of the toxic behavior that persists in the shooter.

Published 25 Dec 2020, 14:39 IST
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