Valorant pros Dephh and Zekken reportedly set to join Sentinels roster

Dephh could soon be seen wearing Sentinels colors (Image via Dreamhack)
Dephh could soon be seen wearing Sentinels' colors (Image via Dreamhack)

The upcoming Valorant 2023 tournament season is shaping up to be quite interesting. With Riot Games introducing a franchise format for the upcoming tournament season, the shooter's competitive teams and rosters were wildly disrupted.

While a few popular teams received a spot in the tournament season for the next year, many were left out for different reasons. Since then, partnered teams have been on an acquisition spree, recruiting many Valorant pros who are now free agents. With that being said, it was recently revealed that two popular Valorant professional players from XSET will be joining the Sentinels roster.

Zekken and Dephh may join Sentinels for the Valorant 2023 tournament season

If recent reports are to be believed, former XSET pros Rory "dephh" Jackson and Zachary "zekken" Patrone may join Sentinels' already star-studded roster. According to statements made by Sentinels' recently added coach Don "SyykoNT" Muir, the team's management are looking to form a team that can win. According to him, Sentinels isn't going to be an XSET 2.0 or a Ghost Gaming 2.0. Instead, they would be taking the foundational structure from those two organizations and transforming it into something far better.

Previously, SyykoNT and kaplan, Sentinels' newest coaches, represented XSET and Ghost Gaming, respectively. Now, they too will be seen in Sentinels' colors. SykkoNT will be taking up the mantle as head coach, while Kaplan will be responsible for strategic coaching.

Zekken recently took to Twitter to express his disappointment about the incident involving Andrew Tate and Carlos Rodriguez. The latter was the CEO of G2 Esports, a team that was selected by Riot Games for a partnership position. However, after Carlos was seen partying with Tate, Riot revoked G2 Esports' partnership status. Following this, Carlos Rodriguez was suspended and later stepped down from his position as CEO of the organization.

While this shouldn't have affected anyone other than G2 Esports, XSET felt the brunt of it, unfortunately. The reason behind this is very simple, G2 Esports was reportedly set to acquire XSET's roster for the upcoming Valorant tournament season. With G2 losing their partnership spot, XSET's players were stranded.


Things are looking in their favor for now, with Sentinels having shown interest in two players from the team. It will be interesting to see how everything pans out for Sentinels this tournament season. While zekken might be a new hire, Sentinels have been eyeing Dephh for quite some time now.

A few days ago, Sentinels' Twitter handle posted a very cryptic tweet. They neatly incorporated the names of a few players, some of whom were already a part of their roster, and some that they wished to acquire. Dephh was amongst the many names mentioned in that tweet. While many thought that it was their final roster announcement, it doesn't look like that was the case.

The current transfer season is set to continue until February, before the grand Kickoff tournament in Sao Paulo, featuring all 30 teams in the Valorant 2023 tournament season. It doesn't look like Sentinels is done building their roster, so a few more heavy hitters could be joining the team in the future.

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