Valorant redditor finds new Jett updraft exploit on Fracture

Jett is the most mobile Agent in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Jett is the most mobile Agent in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Since the game's inception, Jett has consistently been among Valorant's most picked duelists. Her mobile nature and abilities are loved by players who prefer fragging over everything in Valorant. Jett possesses the ability to dash, which allows her to move at incredible speeds in any of the four directions. In addition to dash, Jett boasts an infamous updraft ability, which launches her up in the air, allowing her to reach locations other characters cannot.


Recently, a redditor has found an exploit on the map Fracture using Jett. This particular exploit lets her climb to a spot that gives her an unfair advantage over her opponents; this is because she can camp high up in the spot, making it near impossible for opponents to spot her. The redditor also mentioned that Riot games should ban Jett on Fracture for this.

Valorant Redditor's new found exploit can break the game on Fracture

It has been some time since Fracture was added to the map pool of Valorant, and it has received mixed reactions since its release. Fracture has a unique design compared to any other map in the game with a lot of choke points for both defenders and attackers, the A-Drop/Sattelite-dish being one of them.

The redditor has provided the community with the whole procedure of the exploit and how much advantage a player can get using this. Jett is the kind of Agent who can typically get away with almost anything if the player has precise movement.

Jett has always seen high pick rates owing to similar reasons. When it comes to mobility with fragging potential, no other Agent is even close. Even after the nerf, Jett's pick rate has only dropped by a negligible percentage, which was unexpected.

How to perform the exploit on Fracture using Jett

For players curious about this unique use of updrafting in Valorant, the redditor has demonstrated the steps. Note that this exploit works better with a Sage on the team.

These are the steps one should follow to use the updraft exploit with Jett on Fracture:

  1. Ask Sage to wall the left of the Dish.
  2. Climb on the Sage wall.
  3. Use two Jett updrafts to climb the left of the Dish to get to the small break on the top of the Dish.
  4. Players should be able to see almost the entirety of A-long from there.

If Sage is not present in the player's team, the exploit can still be used as a hiding spot.

These are the steps to use the exploit without a Sage:

  1. Stand on the left of the Dish on the slightly inclined surface.
  2. Look at the Mast Clamp and updraft on the top
  3. Players should be hidden from all the players pushing Dish.

These are the steps shown by the Redditor to use the exploits on Fracture. Following the redditor's discovery, many have asked Riot to ban Jett on Fracture in Valorant.

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