Valorant: Shroud predicts Valorant will become the best FPS in eSports

Image Credits - Sportskeeda
Image Credits - Sportskeeda

Valorant has taken over the esports community worldwide. Official First Strike Qualifiers have begun all around. Valorant has quite successfully managed to put itself in a great spot in the esports world. When one looks at it from a competitive perspective, Valorant cashed in on a market that was already saturating. CS:GO had its time, but now Valorant is blowing up in a big way, especially with the Riot Games sponsored First Strike tournament incoming.

As a former CS:GO pro and one of the most popular streamers in the world, Michael "shroud" Grzesiek holds a lot of insight into esports. Thus, if he says that Valorant is going to overshadow CS:GO quickly, then one better believe that. Simply because of the game dynamics that Riot Games have infused Valorant with is the reasoning behind shroud's statements.

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Valorant to become the best FPS game in eSports according to Shroud


The initial craze that Valorant experienced when it came out with the beta still lives fresh in the fans' memory. As a part of one of the most popular CS:GO lineups, Shroud has the experience one needs to predict the outcome of Valorant in esports. Fans and gamers have never experienced any game rising so meteorically. During the beta phase, it was not expected that this game was going to reach the heights it has now.

Recently, Valorant entered into Act III for Episode I. That means now there are five maps in Valorant, although only four are available for competitive at the moment. Along with that, we have a new Agent named Skye. Numerous pros have commented on how Riot has been spot on with their updates.

The developer community over at Riot Games is quite efficient with their promises. Simultaneously, they are always working overtime to make sure that the game is in peak condition for competitive play. The North American esports scene has not seen a takeover like this before. It is as if Valorant came over and swept away almost every other game.

Shroud was quite pointed about his prediction. He firmly believes that when LAN play will be back after the pandemic restrictions are over, then Valorant will blow up even more. They have indeed found the perfect timing for announcing their first tournament. CS:GO might make a slight comeback once things normalize, but Valorant will definitely outshine as the best FPS game right now.

Valorant has thus quite strategically positioned itself as a game to become the best FPS shooter in the business. However, to earn its spot anywhere close to League of Legends or Call Of Duty League, or even CS:GO, the first tournament has to be impeccable. Riot has already taken ample measures for that. All that remains to be seen is how they do it when things actually start opening up. A Valorant tournament in an arena is an idea several fans would be looking forward to. Hopefully, Shroud's prediction about Valorant will come true with First Strike.

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