Velocity vs Champions 2021 vs Prime 2.0 : Which is the best Karambit in Valorant? 

Velocity vs Champions 2021 vs Prim//2.0 Karambit comparison (Image via Sportskeeda)
Velocity vs Champions 2021 vs Prim//2.0 Karambit comparison (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Valorant awaits the release of Disruption - Episode 4 Act 1, expected to commence on 11 January 2022. Keeping up with previous trends, Riot Games plan to introduce various exciting features for Valorant's global community.

One of the most anticipated elements of the upcoming Episode of Valorant is the arrival of Velocity Karambit, the third iteration of the popular Karambit knife from FPS gaming culture.

Velocity Karambit will be available to players who purchase the upcoming Battlepass and complete Tier 50 of the event.

Similar to Velocity, Prime 2.0 collection and the Champions 2021 bundle have graced us with their versions of the iconic Karambit. In comparison to the two, let's take a look at Valorant's upcoming Velocity Karambit.

Valorant Karambit comparison: Velocity vs Champions 2021 vs Prime 2.0

1) Velocity Karambit

Velocity Karambit is the latest feature among the three skins in comparison. The collection is part of the Battlepass that arrives with Episode 4 Act 1. Players will have to earn a required amount of XP by playing various in-game modes to avail the Velocity Karambit.


Battlepass is one of the most cost-effective methods to obtain skins in Valorant. The Battlepass is expected to cost 1000 VP and will require the player's efforts as well to obtain the Tier rewards.

However, Velocity is 1 out of 11 weapon skins that are listed as Tier rewards, which reduces the overall cost of the melee skin by a substantial amount.

Velocity Karambit has a total of four variants. In addition to the yellow base variant, Velocity also has options in orange, purple and a green color. Players are requested to await gameplay videos of the skin for more information, such as inspect-animation, reload-animation and other features.

2) Champions 2021 Karambit

In November 2021, Riot Games released a new and highly exclusive line of skins, titled the Champions 2021 bundle, featuring skins for Vandal and melee. The Champions 2021 Karambit made its way into Valorant on 24 November 2021 and stayed until 12 December 2022, after which it was removed from the store.

Champions 2021 Karambit (with new animation and inspect) | #VALORANT

Half of the proceedings from the bundle were split evenly between the 16 participating teams at the Valorant Champions 2021 event in Berlin. The entire bundle came at a cost of 6263 VP. Purchasing Champions 2021 Karambit alone would cost players 5350 VP.

Champions 2021 Karambit is unique in terms of its upgradeable features, which includes a new inspect-animation which plays an instrumental from Die For You, Valorant's official song for the Valorant Champions 2021.

Furthermore, the Karambit has a Champions Aura, which will glow every time the player is top-fragging in the match

3) Prime//2.0 Karambit

The sequel to the iconic Prime collection, namely Prime//2.0, made its way into Valorant's cosmetic market upon surging requests from the Valorant community. In early March 2021, the Prime//2.0 collection debuted the iconic Karambit design in Valorant.

The Prime//2.0 collection is a Premium-Edition (PE) Tier bundle in Valorant and costs 7100 VP at the time of release. Similar to other PE bundles, the melee weapon was included for free with the bundle and costs 3550 VP to purchase individually.

Prime//2.0 Karambit holds a special place in Valorant's collection of weapon cosmetics. Valorant enthusiasts who were yearning for a Karambit melee weapon were not left disappointed after the release of Prime//2.0. Upon upgrade, players will have access to a unique inspect animation.

Which Karambit is the best in Valorant?

All three Karambits detailed above are far apart in their price range. While Velocity costs approximately 1000 VP, Prime//2.0 amounts to 3550 VP and Champions 2021 costs 5350 VP.

The very nature of each of these skins is different, justifying the variance in their costs. While Velocity is included with the Battlepass, Prime//2.0 was released as a Premium-Edition skin. Meanwhile, Champions 2021 was an exclusive limited release.

In terms of animation, the Champions 2021 Karambit has a significant advantage due to its unique features. Prime//2.0 has only a single additional animation. As per past trends, Velocity Karambit is not likely to have any animation, since it comes with the Battlepass.


However, Velocity does have more variants when compared to the other two. Velocity Karambit will be available in four different colors, as opposed to the single variant offered by Prime//2.0 and Champions 2021 collections.

For those who want to get their hands on one of the classiest designs popularized in gaming culture, the most convenient way would be to purchase the upcoming Battlepass. The Champions 2021 bundle cannot be purchased again. Prime//2.0 Karambit stands tall in terms of appearance, but falls short in exclusive qualities.

In all aspects concerned, Velocity Karambit maintains an upper hand over the other two, and is bound to become the go-to choice of melee for much of the Valorant community.

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