When will players receive Episode 5 Ranked gun buddy in Valorant?

The Valorant Episode 5 ranked gun buddy will come out with the arrival of Episode 6. (Image via Sportskeeda)
The Valorant Episode 5 ranked gun buddy will come out with the arrival of Episode 6. (Image via Sportskeeda)

At the beginning of each new Episode, Valorant players receive a gun buddy to celebrate their peak ranking in the previous one. The upcoming Episode 6 will be no different.

Each player's rank buddy is based on their highest rank over the three Competitive Acts in the previous episode. For example, if one reaches Platinum 2 as their top rank, they will receive a Platinum buddy.

The upcoming Episode will also feature the Ascendent gun buddy for the first time in the game, as this rank, between Diamond and Immortal, was introduced for the first time in Episode 5. This article will tell players everything about the episode's gun buddy.

Valorant Episode 5 ranked gun buddy: Everything there is to know

Although there hasn't been an official announcement from Riot about the arrival of ranked gun buddies at the start of Episode 6, it is almost certain to happen.

Valorant developers released a tweet on January 3, 2023, asking them to push their ranks a little higher, pushing players to the possibility of getting a more prestigious rank gun buddy.

The current competitive queue will end for all regions at 6 am PST or 7:30 pm IST. The Act will end, and servers will be shut down for maintenance on January 10 or 11, depending on your region. You can download the new Patch 6.0 a few hours after the maintenance starts.

One can find the Episode 5 ranked gun buddy in any of the gun buddies' sections. Each player only gets a single piece of these, so they must decide which gun they want it on.

What else is coming in Episode 6 Act 1?

Patch 6.0 of Valorant will bring many new additions to the game. The map pool will be one of the biggest differences between the current state of the game and how it will look from January 10 onwards.

Valorant Episode 6 Act 1 Battlepass will feature three new skinlines, nine lives, Gridcrash, and Venturi, along with multiple player cards, gun buddies, sprays, and more. As usual, free rewards are available in the pass, but most will need to be unlocked by buying the premium version.

Bind and Breeze will leave the map pool to make space for a revamped version of Split and a brand new map called Lotus. The changes made to Split are designed to facilitate more attacks. The new map Lotus features three plant sites and has revolving doors, a breakable wall, and a silent drop as its special features.

The new phase of Valorant will also feature an exclusive skinline called Araxys. The bundle will consist of a Vandal, Operator, Shorty, Bulldog, and melee. It has a futuristic look and tries to capture the "danger, mystery, and power of an unknown and potentially hostile alien race."

The new episode will also feature some Agent ability adjustments. The foremost is that Omen will no longer be able to place one-way smoke on walls without ledges.

The new Episode will be exciting for all Valorant players, especially those who reached their rank goal in Episode 5 and can flex their brand new episode rank gun buddy.

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