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TNA Impact Results: July 5, 2016

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This week’s episode was both bizarre and entertaining

The show began with Senor Benjamin, Matt Hardy’s grounds keeper, reading a graphic warning about the Final Deletion battle between Matt and Jeff that was scheduled to take place later in the night. Apparently, it is the 1st birthday of Matt’s son, Maxel, and Matt promises to gift him the deletion of Jeff Hardy.    

Mike Bennett opens the show in the arena and claims that he is the biggest star in the TNA history and touts that he has near perfect record. Out comes Dixie to confront Bennett and she informs him that he can only use Option C if he competes in an Ultimate X match tonight with the entire X Division roster. Dixie declares that the match is next and we are set for a title match as soon as the show opens.


Mike Bennett vs Trevor Lee vs Eddie Edwards vs Andrew Everett vs Rockstar Spud vs Braxton Sutter vs Mandrews vs DJ Z

The match begins both inside and outside simultaneously as the wrestlers go at each other. Few minutes into the match, Spud retires from the match after he suffers a mouth injury at the hands of Braxton Sutter as he tries to climb to the top of the ring and grab the title. He is rushed to the back by the trainers.

The action continues both inside and outside. Everett and Mandrews put on an exciting show before Sutter lays them both out. Soon the X division championship comes into play as four of the competitors try to climb and grab the title. Their efforts are cut short by an alliance formed by Trevor Lee and Everett. Bennett destroys the alliance when he interferes and takes out both men as Lee tries to grab the title by riding the shoulders of Everett.

Soon the action spills outside with wrestlers doing aerial moves in turn. Mandrews takes the cake by jumping from the top of the structure. Edwards stops The Miracle from occurring once again and grabs the title to win the match and become the new X Division Champion.

Eli Drakevs Jame Storm (King of the Mountain Championship Match)

Eli Drake retained his championship after a hard fought disqualification victory over James Storm. Drake tries to inject his title into play earlier in the match but gets caught by Earl Hebner. Storm rallies and finishes Drake off with Last Call, but unfortunately Drake falls outside. As Storm tries to bring Drake back inside, Drake uses his title to get a blatant disqualification. He then lays out Storm and stands tall.

Marti Bell vs Jade (Knockouts Streetfight)

The match was a total streetfight. From ring gears to weapons used, everything perfectly fit with the streetfight. Jade picks up the victory after delivering an impressive package piledriver onto a steel chair to Marti. From kendo sticks to trash cans, everything was used in the fight between the knockouts.

Dixie calls out Maria’s bluff

An irate Bennett returns to the ring with Maria. Maria calls out Dixie but Corgan appears. Maria pleads with Corgan to hear their grievances and rants about how she should be the president, not Dixie. Dixie marches out to confront them and Maria tells that there is only place for one of them, either her or Dixie. Dixie calls her bluff and Corgan sides with Dixie and calls them children.

Bennett demands that he be put into the main event at Destination X, when he is refused, he states that he is not going to leave but instead going to ruin the entire Destination X show.

The Decay vs The Bromans and Racquel 

Before the match starts, The Decay gets flustered when Jessie Godderz reveals Rosemary and Bram kissing backstage. This confusion ultimately leads to The Bromans picking up the victory over The Decay. Jessie G picks up a roll up victory over Rosemary after she breaks up the Adonis Lock applied on Crazzy Steve.

Eddie Edwards announces his decision

All through the night, the hype revolving Eddie’s decision to cash in his Option C was built up and as Eddie is about to reveal his decision, Lashley makes his way to the ring. He insults Eddie and tries to browbeat him into not cash in Option C by issuing a challenge for title vs title match. Eddie fires up and cashes in Option C and makes a title vs title match for next week’s episode.

Lashley tries to attack Eddie after the announcement, but Eddie fends him off and a stands tall.

EC3 and Drew Galloway both air out their differences in a face to face debate. They both claim to be entirely different from each other but going towards the same goal. EC3 challenges Drew to a match at Destination X and promises to kick his ass.

Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy (Final Deletion Match)

As bizarre as this story is, there is no denying that the concept is entirely original and is entertaining at the same time. The match takes place in Matt Hardy’s property encompassed in near darkness except for the candles surrounding the ring. The dramatic score in the background and the eerie atmosphere makes the match even more interesting.

After the initial traditional wrestling start, the match soon escalates into a Hardy mayhem match with both stars bringing out bizarre weapons and performing breathtaking moves. Willow makes an appearance as the match spills outside to a lake! After a series of dramatic events, Jeff tries to end it by climbing his symbol and attempts to dive off from it onto Matt who is laid out in a narrow pit. Suddenly, flames engulf Jeff and he falls off the symbol. Matt pins him to end the match.   

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