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Best And Worst Of RAW After Crown Jewel

Riju Dasgupta
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There was more bad than good, this week on RAW
There was more bad than good, this week on RAW

Has there ever been a good show of RAW overseas? It just seems like whenever WWE travels to the UK to tape a show, it's never the best episode at all. Somehow, the superstars just seem to phone it in. This week's show was hard to sit through, for three hours.

RAW had a chance to carry the momentum of all the developments from the Crown Jewel pay-per-view event. The brand also had a chance to build excitement for Survivor Series. I daresay neither aspect was accomplished effectively.

My best and worst situation will try to create a few positive from a show that was largely filled with negatives. Let me give WWE the benefit of the situation here and assume that this is all leading up to something grand.

Maybe it's wrong to expect so much from WWE's weekly shows, but we all know that when they try, they put on some winners.

#1 Best: The Rollins-Ambrose drama

This is a rivalry that still has me intrigued
This is a rivalry that still has me intrigued

Ambrose pulled off perhaps the most devious heel turn in recent memory. I like the fact that he has not explained his motivations thus far. The day he does, we know that it will be the end of the mystique around his character, and it'll go back to being just a regular feud once again.

I like the fact that Ambrose comes in through the crowd, stalks Seth Rollins and lays a beating on him every week. Ambrose attacked Rollins when The AoP had destroyed him, leaving him broken and bruised on the mat. I daresay that this was the only good thing about RAW this week.

When the two men do clash, this is a rivalry that should explode into an all-out war. I simply can't wait for it!

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