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Best and worst of SmackDown Live: 24 April, 2018

Riju Dasgupta
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It was mostly an entertaining episode, this week
It was mostly an entertaining episode, this week

This week was the first time we dealt with the fallout of the recent Superstar Shake-Up. RAW was a mixed bag of both ups and downs. SmackDown Live was a far better show, in our opinion. At the same time, there was room for improvement.

Welcome to yet another edition of 'Best and Worst'. If you are new to the series, we separate the good from the bad and the ugly in this series. And as always, we invite you to leave a comment.

The most wonderful thing about wrestling is how all of us have different opinions and none of them are right or wrong. Therefore, we ask you to chime in, even if your own opinions are different from our own.

Moreover, we ask you to rate this WWE show on a scale of 1 to 5!

#1 Best: A brand new Big Cass

Big Cass was the breakout star of this segment
Big Cass was the breakout star of this segment

While the world expected The Miz and Daniel Bryan to finally come face-to-face to kick off this week's episode, it was Big Cass who made his grand appearance instead. In doing so, we felt like he stole the show and how! Gone was the guy misspelling the word 'soft'. In his place was a sharp, charismatic and immensely dangerous man.

Cass gave a very rational explanation of why he chose to go after Daniel Bryan. He spoke about how his own return was overshadowed by Daniel Bryan's and we can absolutely buy into that. The man proved that he is a good promo and can hang with The Miz.

The first segment is often half the battle. Just like Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar killed our excitement on RAW, The Miz and Big Cass enhanced our viewing experience.

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