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10 Best character evolutions of 2016

Change is the only permanent thing in this world and even the world of WWE is not an exception to it.

Top 5 / Top 10 27 Nov 2016, 17:06 IST

#9 Alexa Bliss

Watching her is just BLISS!

Among the women who made their main roster debut during the brand extension, Alexa Bliss has set herself apart from others with her character evolution. While she was a typical day-to-day heel in the NXT, her character has evolved over the last months into a true heel who will leave lasting impressions in the minds of fans.

She is cold, vengeful, opportunistic, calculating, mean and extremely spiteful. And above all, she is incredibly hot! Watching her is just Bliss!

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While others concentrated on their character alone, she evolved in her ring attire too. Her memorable Harley Quinn entrance is a testament to the impact her evolution has among the fans.

If WWE can get over her height factor, she will make one hell of a heel champion on the SmackDown roster. 

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