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10 Best John Cena Matches 

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The most polarizing star in wrestling history.
The most polarizing star in wrestling history.

John Cena was the flagship star of the WWE for 10+ years. He has had an excellent body of work in his time as the franchise player of the WWE, with a number of classics under his belt.

Even though he is regularly panned for being an average wrestler, his classics prove otherwise.

His age and schedule mean he is slowing down and he doesn't seem to be getting any better in-ring.

Here are 10 of Cena's best WWE performances ever.

#10 John Cena vs JBL I Quit Match for the WWE Championship - Judgement Day 2005

The Champ was indeed here.
The Champ was indeed here

Cena's big WrestleMania coronation at WrestleMania 21 fell flat. It was a dull and uninspired effort by Cena against the heel 'Wrestling God' JBL. However, Cena probably had the most memorable title defence of all time.

JBL had stolen the original WWE Championship belt design which debuted in 2002 after Cena debuted a new spinner championship.

JBL resented the young up-and-comer's lifestyle compared to his more traditional approach. To teach him a lesson, JBL was to try and reclaim his belt in an I Quit match at Judgement Day 2005.

Cena and JBL went to war. Hatred spilled over in the arena in the form of buckets of blood that were shed by both men. The Cenation Leader bled profusely and fought the match as an underdog. JBL was put through an announce table, but Cena was put through hell.

Chair shots and brutality inflicted on Cena put him over as a resilient and tough wrestler. Cena picked up the win after threatening to pummel JBL with an exhaust pipe, and the celebrated with both belts.

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