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10 best world title matches in Wrestlemania history

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Does either of their WWE title match make it to the list?
Does either of their WWE title match make it to the list?

WWE gave their fans probably the biggest gift they could have expected when Shinsuke Nakamura won the men's Royal Rumble match. Not only will it give Nakamura, WWE's biggest babyface at this moment, much needed momentum after disastrous booking throughout the last year, but it gave the fans their dream match, the much-anticipated clash between 'The King of Strong Style' and 'The Phenomenal One' AJ Styles.

The fact that the match would be for the WWE Title is the icing on the cake. Legends in their own right, both Nakamura and Styles are capable of producing an instant classic if given ample amount of time. On the Raw side, it is all but confirmed that Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns would clash for the Big Red Belt. The last time these two clashed in a singles match, they exceeded all the expectations to deliver a memorable world title match at Wrestlemania.

Wrestlemania, over the years, has been home to some of the best World Title matches, matches that are still fresh in the memories of all the fans till date. With two potential show-stealing World Title matches on the horizon for Wrestlemania, we might see another match added to that list very soon. It's time to take a look at those World Title Matches at Wrestlemania that blew the roof of the arena/stadium that night.

Honourable Mentions

Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage for WWF Title (Wrestlemania V)

Shawn Michaels vs Steve Austin for WWF Title (Wrestlemania XIV)

Chris Jericho vs Edge for World Heavyweight Title (Wrestlemania XXVI)

CM Punk vs Chris Jericho for WWE Title (Wrestlemania XXVIII)

Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins (Wrestlemania 31)

#10 John Cena vs Shawn Michaels for WWE Title (Wrestlemania 23)

The Main Event of Wrestlemania 23.
The Main Event of Wrestlemania 23

There's a reason why Wrestlemania 23 was, for a long time, the highest grossing wrestling pay per view of all time. It had the Battle of Billionaires as the special attraction, a thrilling money in the bank ladder match and Two classic world title matches(more on the other later). The responsibility of closing the mega event was handed over to John Cena and Shawn Michaels and boy, did they deliver.

Often overshadowed by their hour-long clash on Raw just a month later, Michaels and Cena delivered an outstanding 30 minutes clash at Wrestlemania. Cena was in the midst of his year-long reign and Michaels was, well, Michaels. From close pins to that piledriver on the steel steps to the memorable closing sequence where Cena forced Michaels to submit after a long struggle, everything about this match has pure magic written all over it.

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