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10 Best wrestlers from WWE's PG Era

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Published 01 Oct 2017, 13:29 IST
01 Oct 2017, 13:29 IST

The PG Era was full of amazing action

The PG Era is technically categorized as any WWE action between the years of 2008-2013. 2008's July 22nd episode of SmackDown was the first to display a TV-PG rating rather than the former PG DVL rating.

The Superstars from WWE's PG Era experienced quite an interesting change in the business. WWE was trying to stay away from the edgier content of the past and promoted relatively cleaner storytelling.

While some of the Superstars who reached their peak during the PG Era might still be with WWE, others have since left the company. But the moments they created during this time will remain a lasting reminder of this important transition in WWE's landscape.

This list consists of those who either came into their own during that timeframe or emerged as Superstars. It was certainly hard to pick just ten, but we did our best.

#10 Bray Wyatt

He's here...

The "Eater Of Worlds" is a grand amalgamation of many pop culture entities. Through his mysterious and dark promo work, he paints a vivid picture using metaphors and his in-ring work is just as dark and eye-catching. He might have arrived in WWE during the tail end of the PG Era, but it still counts.

Everyone remembers the first time they saw Bray Wyatt perform his amazing spider walk or talk about Sister Abigail's teachings. As the leader of the Wyatt Family, they captivated the interest of the WWE Universe since the first time they walked to the ring.

Bray has the uncanny ability to live again to fight another day. He loses a lot of his major feuds but is somehow able to pop up the next week looking for more and he's just as plausible of an opponent.

The Wyatt Family's story with Daniel Bryan was outstanding and had the legs to go much longer than it did. The years have been good for Bray Wyatt as people still Follow The Buzzards to this day.

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