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10 Best WWE Randy Orton Matches

David Cullen
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#8 Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam - One Night Stand 2007

Surprising outcome
Surprising outcome

Randy Orton and Rob Van Dam had one pretty good Stretcher match at the One Night Stand event in 2007.

This was a surprising match, not just for being such a good match to open a show, but the outcome was surprising to as Orton was being primed to be an upcoming challenger for the WWE Championship, and this was also RVD's last match as a full-time superstar before leaving the company.

Considering RVD was leaving, you would have thought it would have been a one-sided affair in favour of Orton, but no, it was a great match. We had a lot of back and forth action, RVD gave some great selling, especially playing off the concussion angle in this match, we got a really cool moment when RVD attempted a Rolling Thunder, only for Orton to get up and catch him, mid-flip, with a powerslam. As Randy is pushing Rob on the stretcher towards the finish line, at the last second, RVD manages to get up and strikes Orton enough to get him on the stretcher and pass the finish line.

Orton gave RVD a vicious post-match beating afterwards, to write Rob Van Dam off Television.

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