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10 Deserving wrestlers who have never held WWE's 'big belt'

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Modified 06 Oct 2018, 14:08 IST
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Sometimes, there's so much talent in a particular promotion that some truly phenomenal wrestlers get lost in the shuffle.

That has certainly been the case in WWE. While the promotion has honored many great champions over the years, there have also been many talented athletes who never had the opportunity to hold the WWE's 'big belt' titles, which are currently the Universal and World Heavyweight championship.

There are a variety of reasons why wrestlers don't get to carry the big belt. Sometimes it's a matter of timing. Perhaps the wrestler was on the roster with so many other major stars there simply wasn't room at the top. Other times it can be political, such as a wrestler being held back because he is unpopular with some members of management.

For whatever reason, the wrestlers deserve recognition for their deserving status. Here are ten talented wrestlers who have never held the WWE's big belt.

#1.Kofi Kingston

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Kofi Kingston made his debut with the WWE in 2007. He was introduced with a big push, and even had an undefeated streak for a time.

Despite his amazing athleticism and technical skill, he has never held one of the big belt titles in WWE. He has, however, collected nearly every other piece of gold available save the Cruiserweight title and the NXT title.

Kofi has put in his time and demonstrated his ability and loyalty time and time again, and he deserves a run with a big belt.

What may be holding him back: Politics could be to blame. Kofi was created to be a faux Jamaican character, but his mother is the president of the Ghana-American society. She convinced her son to be billed from his true homeland, which rubbed some in management the wrong way. Any heat he may have had with Randy Orton over a minor botch seems to have dissipated, but since the botch was in a high profile match there are others in WWE who may still be holding that against him.

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Published 06 Oct 2018, 14:08 IST
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