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10 funniest GIFs of wrestling botches

Johny Payne
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The funniest wrestling botches shall brighten up your day
The funniest wrestling botches shall brighten up your day

Pro-wrestling is a rough-and-tumble business dallied with a considerable dosage of testosterone-fueled machismo and larger than life characters.

However, this wonderful business does indeed have a funny side to it as well — hilarious goof-ups, unintentionally comedic characters and genuinely outrageous moments that professional wrestling fans witness time and again.

Well, truth be told, few things make for unintentional hilarity inside the squared circle, as much as these highly-skilled performers floundering their otherwise spot-on wrestling moves, while bumbling to save face after the same.

Now, this list isn't meant to disparage the sport's best performers but is simply intended to be viewed in jest. Here's a look at some of the funniest wrestling botches that had the fans howling with laughter.

#10 Eva Marie

The usual suspects rear their head time and again, don't they? Eva Marie, despite her genuine will to learn and evolve, never quite clicked with the professional wrestling fans.

Apparently, most fans and experts opined that All Red Everything simply botched everything. Throughout her tenure with the WWE, Marie botched several moves; however, the aforementioned goof-up in the GIF has got to take the cake for the former WWE Superstar's worst botch ever. Well, its a summary of her botches, so to speak, but the attempted 'tackle', or whatever she intended it to be, proves to be a gem amongst them.

When Mickie James smacked Alexa Bliss' famous Biscuit you-know-what, she got a huge pop from the crowd and followed it up with an excellent display of technical wrestling. On the other hand, Eva Marie smacked her opponent all the same but would follow it up with some sort of 'tackle' delivered with her backside intended to hit her opponent's face. Spoiler alert! Marie's awkward attack wasn't even close to her target.

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