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10 Greatest wrestlers who never became the World Champion

David Cullen
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Some of the all-time greats

Unfortunately in the wrestling world, even if you have all the tools to be a Heavyweight Champion, it still doesn't mean that it's meant to be.

And while some of the best of all time have rightfully won the WWE Championship, World Championship, WCW Championship, ECW Championship, NWA Championship and even TNA Championship/Impact Global Championship, there have been more than a dozen all-time greats to never even come close.

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Whether it was the wrong place at the wrong time, someone else was being favored over them or even when the company did not see them that way. Sometimes being one of the best in the world, just doesn't mean being treated that way.

That brings me to looking at the top 10 greatest Superstars of all time, to have never held a prominent World Heavyweight Championship.

Honorable Mentions: William Regal, Dean Malenko, Arn Anderson, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, Magnum TA, Paul Orndorff, the Big Boss Man, Umaga, and Carlito.

#10 Brian Pillman

Right place, right time, horrible injury

Following the end of his 'Hollywood Blondes' tag team with Steve Austin, the talented Flyin' Brian Pillman went under a complete character change as he became 'The Loose Canon' Brian Pillman, and instantly the most talked about character in wrestling.

The gimmick, cultivating a reputation for edgy, out of control and unpredictable behavior, blurred fact, and fiction with his worked shoots so much that even his fellow wrestlers didn't know if they were a work or not. Mick Foley later commented on the character saying that he was almost offended by Brian's Loose Canon antics.


The character, which spread across WCW, ECW, and WWE, in a short but very much talked about space of time, seemed to be destined for the World Championship. Brian's main event potential was limited from the beginning due to entering WWE with a broken ankle, and then his now infamous feud with Steve Austin was heavily criticized by the USA Network.

There was still a lot of main event potential in Brian during his run with the Hart Foundation, but sadly, at 35 years old, Pillman was found dead on October 5, 1997, from a heart attack caused by a previously undetected heart condition, arteriosclerotic heart disease.

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