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10 incredible real-life John Cena stories

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John Cena
WWE's most popular baby face has amazing stories to narrate

The Cenation leader has been portrayed as the ULTIMATE babyface for the past decade. He’s been the face of a company that turned witnesses PG and subsequently had to maintain his public image. It’s one of the main reasons why a large number of hardcore fans despise him dearly. They want to see the other side of John Cena.

And you know why they want to see it so badly? It’s because they know it exists.

From drunken nights to marriage counselling, John Cena has done a lot on the road whilst being a wrestler. In a career that spans over 15 years, John Cena has been involved in his fair share of wild stories outside the squared circle. Some of the stories on this list are bound to leave you awe-struck.

Here are 10 side-splitting real-life stories of John Cena. 

#10 Giving Brodus Clay his Wrestlemania moment

Brodus Clay at Wrestlemania 28
John Cena and Brodus Clay never wrestled each other

Picture the scene, it’s Wrestlemania 28 and the biggest main event in WWE history is about to take place. An entire year has gone into promoting this match, surely, you’d expect John Cena to be an egomaniac at this time? Wrong. The show was already over-running and as a result, Brodus Clays’ Wrestlemania moment was cut short to give the main event enough time.

However, as Clay was being given the bad news, Cena popped up and sheepishly said ‘I still need to go toilet’ with a wink. That gave Brodus Clay the five minutes he needed to have the greatest moment of his life. 

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