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10 Longest WWE Championship Reigns

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Current champion, A.J. Styles.
Current champion, A.J. Styles.

The WWE Championship represents the pinnacle of sports entertainment. Stone Cold once said, 'nobody enters the business without one day wanting to be WWE Champion', and he is right when he says that. Superstars have marked personal and professional importance to the title and winners are an elite bunch that have reached the top.

In modern times, winning it may not be a big deal, as the title is hot potato-ed a lot. However, there are certain wrestlers which make history with the strap around their waist, by holding it for ungodly amounts of days, truly showing how legendary they are. The names on the list are just those legendary people and we will be taking a loom at the 10 longest WWE Championship reigns ever.

Honourable Mentions:

AJ Styles: 335* days

Billy Graham: 296 days

Ultimate Warrior: 293 days

Yokozuna, JBL and John Cena: 280 days

#10 Diesel: 358 days

Big Daddy Champion.
Big Daddy Champion.

The 10th longest reign on this list, which will most likely be eclipsed by AJ Styles soon enough, was by Big Daddy Cool Diesel in what is considered to be one of the most disappointing reigns in the title's history. Diesel defeated Bob Backlund at a house show in 8 seconds to win the belt and continued until November 19, when he was defeated by Bret Hart at Survivor Series 1995. The reign went from November 26, 1994 to November 19, 1995.

Even though Diesel was a week short of the one year mark, it was one of the worst financial years for the WWE, and much of the blame is placed on Diesel's inability to have been a main event draw. Diesel's reign started out hot, as he feuded with Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels for it, but ended in a whimper as his final feuds were against the likes of Mabel. Regardless of all of that, Diesel's reign is the 10th longest reign, but will soon move to the honorable mentions list.

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