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10 Matches That Must Happen At WrestleMania When Triple H Takes Over

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The Architect Vs. The Artist would be absolutely phenomenal

If you're a fan of professional wrestling, then you definitely realize how impressive Triple H has been bringing the best out of his superstars in NXT.

The Game stands as one of the most influential figures in WWE today, and his ideology definitely compliments our wrestling fantasies.

Since Vince McMahon has delivered some of the finest moments to the business during the Attitude Era, the fans have started despising his creative intellect by his constant push of Roman Reigns.

With Triple H relying more on storytelling than individual pushes, a potential takeover could legitimately open the door for a lot of possibilities.

There's no denying that WWE possesses one of the most talented roster in professional wrestling today, and with NXT continuing to evolve on its own, the Game could literally alter the landscape of this business forever.

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Here are the 10 matches that must happen at WrestleMania when Triple H takes over

#1 Sasha Banks Vs. Bayley

The match we all desperately want to see

While WWE's main-roster booking has been quite substantial in diminishing the potential of a future Sasha Banks Vs. Bayley feud, this could seriously change under Triple H's radar.


The Cerebral Assassin happens to be a genuine endorser for women's wrestling, and we all know the real reason why the Women's Evolution became a trending thing for the WWE.

Sasha Banks and Bayley share one of the most personal rivalries in NXT history and since the Game would be heading to takeover the company, pushing these two to collide at WrestleMania would be downright incredible.

Both the competitors are highly aggressive when working against each other and carry a special chemistry that can certainly light up an entire arena, if correctly booked.

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