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10 Mistakes WWE Made On Raw This Week (6 May 2019)

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07 May 2019, 22:00 IST

What a showing from WWE, and when people thought things couldn't get any worse.
What a showing from WWE, and when people thought things couldn't get any worse.

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When you go on WWE's social media you will find a pattern, and it does not matter whether it's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram, almost every single one of those platform's comment section is crying for the same thing. Every single fan just wants one thing from the WWE, and that is an episode of Raw that doesn't urge you to change the channel. Now, with that being said, was this week's broadcast of Monday Night Raw an unwatchable experience?

By all means it truly was not as bad as you might perceive it, but it was a show with too many mistakes to ignore, and while others may not truly care for most of the lousy booking decisions WWE made on the flagship show this week, on the other hand, the majority of the WWE Universe has seen enough of WWE having no idea what to do with the product anymore.

Therefore, let us go through each one of WWE's most surprising decisions they made on Raw, and how they could have easily avoided doing so.

#1 Wild Card Rule

Does anyone remember the superstar shakeup?
Does anyone remember the superstar shakeup?

What is the point of the brand split? Is it to balance out WWE's star-studded roster? Is its purpose to give underused wrestlers an opportunity to succeed, or is it too separate WWE's biggest main eventers on each show which will let these megastars become legends in their own right?

Whatever is your answer for the brand split, there is one core idea in all of those answers, and that is the notion of the separation the rosters is there for a reason. This week on Raw, Roman Reigns forced his way on Raw even though the WWE officials told 'the big dog' he cannot appear on the red brand, but Roman does what he wants, even if what he wants makes zero sense.

Reigns confronted Vince McMahon at the start of the show, which saw Reigns declare that he will be appearing on Raw as long as the WWE Universe cheers him on to do so (let's see how long that lasts), and this led to more of Smackdown's elite making the jump on McMahon, as we saw Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan on the show.

Now, McMahon apparently had a brilliant idea from all this chaos, as he created the Wild Card Rule on the spot, and for those who don't know what this means, here's the simple explanation; this rule basically means four superstars from Raw or Smackdown Live can appear on either show without any restrictions.


This is a rule that has to divide the fanbase, as no one can tell if this is the right decision by WWE or just a cop out due to their ratings being at an all-time low, and if you want the short answer just refer to the latter of those options. As the 'Wild Card Rule' is everything wrong with WWE's problem handling system.

When WWE is under crisis, they panic, and in that state of panic, terrible ideas like this one are born, as this rule is completely breaking WWE's already established set of rules, and by going back to the first line of this point you will understand why.

Right now there is no point in the Superstar Shakeup, there is no reason for the brand split to exist, and there is no reason why pay-per-views like Survivor Series need to have a brand warfare theme attached to it. WWE has once again shot themselves in the foot here, and only time will tell if the risk of doing so pays off.

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