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10 most misused WWE wrestlers of 2017

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WWE failed to bring out the best in some of it's incredible wrestlers

On paper, the current WWE roster is quite possibly the most talented ensemble of superstars that they've ever had, from both an in-ring and character perspective. You've got master technicians such as AJ Styles, then you've got giants like Braun Strowman as well as veterans who can still "go", like John Cena.

There are so many other incredible talents rounding out the roster. Even NXT is stacked at the moment, with guys like Aleister Black, Drew McIntyre, Adam Cole, and so many others that help to create what can only be described as an indy smark's dream roster.

The issue with this, however, is that it's often difficult for WWE's booking team to find a way to use all of this talent effectively. All too often, we've seen gifted performers fall by the wayside or get lost in the shuffle. Hell, even many of the talents know it (see - Austin Aries, Neville). Whether it's because of overly scripted promos or the fact that they're used to making bigger stars look good, it would seem as if many WWE superstars are rightfully frustrated with their misuse.

So today, I'm going to count down my picks for the top ten most misused WWE wrestlers of 2017. Slight disclaimer before I start - I will only be talking about superstars who are on the main roster. Perhaps we'll save NXT superstars for another list.

#10 Mike Kanellis

Mike Kanellis could not make the best use of his potential

Mike Kanellis was doomed from the very beginning. And it was shameful because Kanellis had made quite the name for himself on the independent scene under his real name, Mike Bennett. Wrestling for such companies as TNA, Ring Of Honor, and New Japan Pro Wrestling, Kanellis racked up a fairly impressive résumé, both as singles and a tag team competitor. Sure, he was no Kenny Omega, but he was a solid hand and one of the better-known names on the independent circuit.

And then, he signed with WWE.

Saddled with the much-maligned "Power of Love" gimmick alongside his real-life wife Maria Kanellis, it seemed glaringly obvious from the outset that WWE had little-to-no faith in Kanellis' ability. After winning his first WWE match against Sami Zayn (albeit uncleanly), Kanellis went on to lose every subsequent match he had. Seriously - he has only wrestled ten matches for the company, and he has lost 9 of them.

But hey - at least he gets paid now.

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