10 new ways to cash in The Money in the Bank


On the recent edition of Smackdown Live, Ms Money in the Bank Carmella crashed the Riott Squad party trying to cash her contract on champion Charlotte. This will be the first time in WWE when a woman cashes in the MiTB briefcase, when and if Carmella does that.

Whether she walks out champion or not, it will be a historic first for the most popular WWE match in modern day history. In many ways, it feels like the concept of the Money in the Bank has peeked. The simple formula is that a heel wins the briefcase, waits for a lengthy while biding his time and cashes in on a wounded champion.

Yet there are so many intriguing ways the Money in the Bank could be cashed in. After a decade of the concept, Seth Rollins proved it when he cashed in mid-match to defeat Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns for the WWE title at Wrestlemania. That's not the only other way cash-ins can happen, so let's find out what other new ways should be explored!

#10 Cash in during an entrance

Corbin jumps Nakamura mid entrance, Money in The Bank 2017
Corbin jumps Nakamura mid-entrance, Money in The Bank 2017

Imagine this scenario, a champion is headed to the ring may be to give a promo, maybe for a match or even for a PPV/Wrestlemania match. He's gotten on the ramp, maybe it's John Cena (fans will get a kick out of this one!) and he's saluting the fans when Wham!

The champion gets knocked out by the briefcase holder, throws him into the ring and calls for the bell and cashes in his unique opportunity. While there's a chance that the champion's rival or match opponent might disrupt the cash in, but it's a chance worth taking.

The unexpected manner of the cash in would create an uproar. Imagine then if the champion was supposed to be in a match, that too on PPV; would that mean that the new champion is forced to defend the title. It's an intriguing scenario with so many permutations worth exploring.

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