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10 of the best "Odd Couple" Tag Teams

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Team Hell No
Team Hell No

When it comes to tag teams in wrestling, it is often advantageous for the creative staff and management to make certain the two components complement each other.

For example, the Road Warriors were both huge, face-painted muscular bikers, the Sheep Herders were so similar many thought they were legitimately related, and even the WWE rebranded two singles stars as brothers when they were nothing of the sort.

Curt Hawkins and Zach Ryder were billed as brothers when they first debuted on Smackdown.
Curt Hawkins and Zach Ryder were billed as brothers when they first debuted on Smackdown.

However, these steps are not always necessary. Sometimes, taking the exact opposite approach can yield entertainment gold.

As it turns out, fans enjoy seeing a clash of personalities--which is what separates pro wrestling from all other sports; the dramatic element. In the simplest terms, conflict=drama, so having two men who might be at much as odds with each other with other teams can lead to interesting angles and storylines.

Here are ten 'odd couple' tag teams that still worked.

#1 The Super Powers--Nikita Koloff and Dusty Rhodes

The Super Powers with the Jim Crockett Sr. cup.

Dusty Rhodes: Blue collar all American, apple pie and hush your mouth southerner with a penchant for breaking into dance and as loquacious and eloquent as they come.

Nikita Koloff: Largely grunting and savage machine from the Soviet Union. Power and anger and precision personified, and possessed of a chiselled physique.

At first, the two were enemies, but after Koloff turned face they became unlikely allies, and then an even more unlikely tag team. The Super Powers never captured the elusive NWA world tag team titles, but they did win the Jim Crockett Sr. memorial tag tournament.

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