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10 of the coolest wrestling mascots

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Koko B. Ware and Frankie
Koko B. Ware and Frankie

Some wrestlers bring managers to the ring for help with strategy (or help with cheating.)

Other wrestlers bring their wife or girlfriend as a valet (and to help with cheating.)

But sometimes, you need more than just a trusted adviser, business partner, or significant other to back you up in the ring. When you need that special level of moral support that only a pet can provide, you turn to the animal kingdom.

From macaws to snakes to tarantulas, wrestlers have brought a variety of animals to the ring with them. Here are ten of the coolest, most memorable animal mascots.

#10 Damian - Jake the Snake Roberts

Jake the Snake with Damian.  Jake is the one with the mustache.
Jake the Snake with Damian. Jake is the one with the moustache

Since the dawn of human history, mankind has been terrified of snakes.

Perhaps it is their primordial physiology, little more than a mouth and a stomach that moves. Or maybe it's something cultural, like the snake that tempted Adam and Eve or the Egyptian god Set. For whatever reason, snakes put people ill at ease most of the time.

That is why Jake the Snake brought out his massive python, Damian to the ring. For that extra psychological edge that would distract his opponent just long enough for a DDT.

Ironically, Jake was actually scared of snakes at first, but quickly warmed to the idea once he saw how over it was with the crowd. Jake the Snake and Damian were a fixture of the 1980s WWF/E, and the python is probably the first animal mascot that people think of when it comes to animal mascots in wrestling.

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