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10 Best foreign heels in WWE history

The lack of foreign villains is hurting the product we watch today.

Foreigns heels have been a staple of WWE television

The biggest argument that my friends and I have every time we talk about professional wrestling, is that there aren't enough heels in the business today.

I'm not talking about Seth Rollins or Kevin Owens or someone like AJ Styles. I'm talking about heels, characters with backstory. Characters who make you lie awake at night and wonder if they're going to come out of the closet and get you. Professional wrestling is so much different than it was 30 years ago. The lack of quality heels has diminished the value of the product today.

One of the basic concepts a professional wrestling for decades has been the "Us Versus Them" theme that has worked when he came to foreign heels. Mean, rash, bold performers who said what they meant and meant what they said and when I got in the ring, fans gasped at their ability. This is not about the Attitude Era, this is way before that.

While there aren't many heels you can hang your hat on today - with Bray Wyatt and Undertaker being the exception to the rule – the lack of the foreign heel has crippled  what we watch on television.

The foreign heel is simply a foreign concept.

Here is a look at 10 of the greatest foreign heels in WWE history.

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