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10 professional wrestlers and their awesome cars

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Who owns these cars? Find out on this list!
Who owns these cars? Find out on this list!

If you're a big name in the world of professional wrestling, then chances are that you're paid pretty damn well for all of your efforts and the risk you're willing to put your body through. So, what do you do with all that cash money? Well, one thing that a number of WWE superstars decide to spend their hard earned dollars on are cars.

Everyone looks at cars as the perfect means to show off your abundant wealth and have a status symbol that shows just how well to do you are in life. But, it goes deeper than that. There is a primal connection between people and vehicles that make cars a worthy investment.

Today, we're here to look at the sexiest vehicles owned by professional wrestlers. So, without any further ado, here are 10 professional wrestlers and their awesome cars:

#10 Eddie Guerrero's Low Rider

Eddie loved Low Riders
Eddie loved Low Riders

When Eddie Guerrero passed away in 2005, it was one of the saddest days in professional wrestling and tributes poured in from all around the professional wrestling world in honour of the fallen Latino Heat. One thing the WWE did was put up his Low Rider on the stage near the entrance way on Smackdown.

It's because of how important the vehicle is to Eddie's legacy and how much he loved Low Riders. While he didn't own all of the ones that he rode out in, he did own the one in the picture above.

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