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10 Questions from WWE Payback 2017 that most need answering

10 Questions that most need answering from a strange WWE PPV.

02 May 2017, 02:30 IST
A show of surprises, not all of them good.

WWE Payback 2017 is now a part of history. While not a terrible show by any means, there were still some very questionable booking decisions and a few surprise moments, some more welcome than others. Here are 10 questions from WWE Payback that most need answering

#1 Is Jericho the G.O.A.T?

One of the greats.

In an industry like Professional Wrestling, it’s often very tempting to throw around phrases like ‘best of all time’. After Rick Flair’s retirement at Wrestlemania 24, people were pegging that particular moniker on him straight away. Two years later when HBK was retired at the hands of The Undertaker, Shawn seemed to take Flair’s place almost immediately. This year at Mania we saw Undertaker himself wrestling his final bout, and the same accolades came flooding in.

Of course, it is all a matter of perspective, and this is by no means a rhetorical question. But looking back over the career of Y2J it’s difficult not to include him in the conversation. His most recent run, first as the comical heel character then as a sympathetic babyface has shown us all just how good Jericho is. Even in his early days at WCW, he was being spoken about in a different light to the rest.

Jericho’s performance at Payback reminded us that on his best day he is probably the most versatile individual on the roster. Just a few months ago, he was a believable heel, stabbing AJ Styles in the back. He is now the most over babyface in the company. Surely, this is enough to put him up there with the greats.

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