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10 Shocking heel/face turns we could see in 2017

Looking at the possible changes to come in 2017!

Is it time to revert to their sinful tactics?

"Unpredictability," it's the key to keeping people waiting on the edge of their seats. Being somewhat unpredictable also keeps the element of surprise alive, in an industry that sometimes becomes as easy to predict as the December forecast in Northern Canada.

Lately, WWE's creative powers that be, have done a fairly good job of keeping the suspense alive, and as a fan, I really appreciate that effort. In today's fast moving era, we don't need the same old cookie-cutter 'rasslin. The sports entertainment element has long since overshadowed just basic body slams, chest slaps, and good guy beats bad guy. While the nostalgic side of me hates to admit this, it's simply the way things are today, and to be honest, I'm sort of of getting used to being "sports entertained."

One of the elements of storytelling that will never change in professional wrestling is the need to change ones’ character from a good guy to the bad guy, and vice-versa. We, as fans more commonly refer to this action as a babyface turn or a heel turn.

From time-to-time, the superstars need to accept a change in pace, for whatever reason. Perhaps their character just isn't clicking with the audience, or maybe a turn is needed in order to progress the storyline. Regardless of the reasoning at the time, these turns are a part of life in the business, and it's something that helps keep that ever so valuable notion of unpredictability alive and well.

Now, as we take a sneak peek into the New Year, it's time to evaluate the current main rosters and make a determination of who should, or might very well make a big face/heel turn. I have narrowed my list down to ten possible superstars that may make that change. Some will probably surprise you, and others you will likely disagree with. Either way, let's take a look at my 10 shocking heel/face turns that we could see in 2017.

#10 Rusev: babyface turn

He's not a bad guy, he just plays one on TV

Rusev is actually one of the nicest WWE Superstars that you'll ever meet in person if you ever get the opportunity to do so. That's why the idea of Rusev and Lana turning face, is actually something that would not surprise me one bit.

In fact, I believe it would be a huge success. Rusev is and always has been naturally gifted, he's just had trouble getting over, completely. A face turn would likely propel him into the good gracious of the WWE Universe, which is the final  piece of the puzzle, in making the Bulgarian Brute a top draw talent.

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